Sunday, March 6, 2016

Embracing the Last of Winter...and a Special Valentine's Gift.

Mike surprised me with a new camera for Valentine's Day. 

I'm not kidding when I say I almost fell off 
my chair as I opened the gift!!

It was not expected. At all.
I'm so - over the top - stinkin' excited! ...and grateful!

I have been swooning - talking - dreaming about such a camera!! 

Mike gave me a Canon PowerShot - SX530 HS.
It's my dream camera. Oh I already mentioned that... sorry. (wink)

This morning I looked out the window 
and there it was ... a photo opportunity.

I grabbed my camera and had some fun!

(Soon these nests will be filled with baby birds!)

I'm not much of a winter person. 
However, I have to admit that it can be stunning to view the countryside after a fresh coat of snow has fallen.

Not so much fun to drive in. Ha! 

My commute to my  job is 40 minutes each way. There have been many times I wish I had my camera with me. I've witnessed some amazing sunsets and wildlife off in the distance. This past Friday I noticed a buck in the midst of a railroad track... with a fresh coat of snow surrounding him. He was looking right at me.  It would have made an awesome photo. 

Maybe I need to bring this along 
for the travel time. (?)
I promise I'll pull over before snapping a shot. 

I'm looking froward to spring. Garage sale season is right around the corner! Can't wait!

Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate you!

Hugs and Happy Treasure Hunting!