Saturday, February 6, 2016

Treasure Hunting Story: The Vintage Ladder and the Fruit Boxes!

Thanks for stopping by to check in.
It's been awhile since I've posted something.
I've had some changes in my life.
It's been a bit of an adjustment for me.
Nevertheless, here I am. Feels good to be back!
Onward ho!
I know what I am going to share isn't
anything new or over the top.
This is a little story about treasure hunting. Finding one object at a time and coming up with something that is unique!
Last spring I stopped at a sale. It was late in the day. I didn't expect to find much, but to my surprise.....there they were.

4 amazing old wooden boxes! I paid $1. each for them.
I know. It was a fabulous deal!
I grabbed them up like they were gold!

Later on in the summer I found an old wooden ladder. Thought I might use it for plants on the porch. I couldn't pass it up for $5.

The boxes had been stacked in my office.
The ladder was out in the garage.
Then one day, I had an aha moment!
I was so excited! I ran out to the garage...dusted off the ladder and lugged it into the office.

This is how it turned out...

The fourth box didn't fit... a little too wide.
I had  an old tray from a tool box laying around, which takes the place of the box that wouldn't fit. It works for now.
I'd like to find another box to sit on the top shelf.
That's on my junkin' list for this year.

I also had this wooden cart with wheels sitting on a shelf out in the garage. I purchased it from my cousin's Mother/Father in-law. I paid .50 cents for it. They had a barn sale a couple of years ago. I wasn't sure what I'd use it for, but it appealed to me - and did I mention it was .50 cents!!

 I just roll out the bottom box for easy access!

I am using these boxes for storing my recently listed small items.

When the weather gets warmer, I'd like to paint the ladder.
Maybe black? Not sure yet.
I also need to start this project.

That's all for now. I hope to be posting on a more regular basis.
I do appreciate you stopping by and saying hello!
Always a pleasure to hear from you!
Happy Treasure Hunting!