Thursday, August 13, 2015

Mr. Higgens Adventure - Summer of 2015

For those of you that keep up with me, you'll remember that my Mom and I had a cat. His name is Mr. Higgens. 

He loved my Mom. My Mom loved him. They were a good match. He made her laugh, a lot.  He is a goofball - silly boy!

It's a long story .... he was adopted by us ( Mom and I ) , shortly after we moved into the house in Franklin, Tn. It was "meant to be ". 

Several years later, after my dear sweet Momma was promoted to heaven , my life took a left hand turn. I moved back to Michigan . I had to find a new home for Higgens . 

I put out a plea on my facebook page regarding the situation,  hoping to find a home for him with someone I could trust.  

My dear sweet "animal loving - cousin" , Anne, responded. 

She offered to take him in. 
Anne lives in the area I relocated to. I was so excited (!!! ) and grateful !! ( I just couldn't handle handing him over to someone I didn't know or God forbid, to a shelter. It was an amazing prayer answered!!)

Anne and her husband have taken such good care of him for the last couple of years. Anne has been  an over the top cat mom to him. Hubby was in charge of play time.  Higgens LOVES play time!  

Then, in May .... Anne contacted me. She had some changes in her life . We needed to find another home for Mr. Higgen's. I immediately prayed . I knew God had a plan for him, but I had no idea what it would be. I posted a plea, again, on my facebook page.

To back up a bit ..... I had been posting photos of Higgens on my facebook business page at Entirely Apropos
Mr. Higgens started to get a lot of attention from a certain "Barbara" @ "A Beachside Dream". 
She would always comment about him. 
If I hadn't posted something about Higgens within a few weeks, Barbara was there inquiring -"How is that Mr. Higgens ? "
(Clearly, Mr. Higgens had wooed his way into her heart) 

Barbara and I became good friends from our business pages,  and then we started following each other on our personal pages.  

So, when I posted my need to find a new home for Higgens, Barbara was the first to inquire about him. 

She couldn't make the trip up to Michigan to get him, and I couldn't make the trip down south to deliver him.

That's when my dear - awesome sister-friend - Kari, stepped in. 

Kari is a cat lover. She has been a " Cat Aunt" to Mr. Higgens all these years. She has taken care of him while we were on vacation .... you get it. She is a devoted cat lover and friend. Loves Higgens.

She contacted me with an idea. Why don't we meet in Indiana ? I'll take  Higgens back to Nashville, and Barbara can pick him up there! 
I'm like.....Okay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So we did. 

June 27th, we ( Anne and I, with Mr. Higgens ) met Kari in Indiana. 
We had an amazing 24 hours together. 
Then, we said good bye to Kari and Mr. Higgens - as he traveled back with Aunt Kari, to the south , to meet his new Mom, Barbara. ( By the way... my Mom was also a "Barbara" and her middle name is Anne. Hmmmmm.  ) 

Barbara met Kari  and Higgens on Sunday the 28th - and away Higgens went to his new home in Mississippi !

Barbara has been posting lots of updates about Higgens on her personal page. He is doing great ! I'm so grateful !! Thank you, Barbara and Hubby  for taking in Mr. Higgens !

*Mwah* and  )))) GINORMOUS HUGS !! ((((( 
(I know my Mom is smiling down on you and so grateful for your love and special care for him)

None of this would have happened without Kari!!! ....thank you, Aunt Kari ! You are the best! Thank you thank you thank you !!!

Did I mention that June 27th is the anniversary of my Mom being promoted to heaven ? Yep. Fluke ? Not in my book. 
Pretty darn awesome. 
God is good. 

Last week, I came home from work- was a busy crazy day at my job. I just wanted to sit down and relax. 
I walked in the door, and the first thing I see is a package sitting on the island. Addressed to me - return address: Mr. Higgens and Family. ***  Oh My Gosh !!!!! *** 
I opened the fat bubble wrapped envelope and out came a card, 2 packages, Mr. H's old name tag and a dainty starfish. ( starfish  representing A Beachside Dream)

I opened the card...... ( cute as can be,card! )

Gah!! How over the top is this ?!!! Oh my gosh! The card alone was enough to send me to the kleenex box! 
But then, there is this ..... 

Oh my gosh! Barbara's business is hand made jewelry .... and guess what .... Anne and I each received one of these amazing sentimental pieces of "right from the heart, jewelry-love" !!  I will treasure the rest of my life! 

Mr. Higgens had no idea his life would be such an adventure. 
He is in a safe home with a dog that lets him rule the house. 
( I know, shocker. LOL )
He has a fabulous Mom and Dad, and a beautiful house to live in. 
What more could a cat want ?
He is very spoiled and well loved.
Isn't that a neat story? I think it's so awesome. 

One more shout out to Anne and  family - Kari -  Barbara and  her kind hearted Hubby!

I haven't started my painting project regarding the $4.99 piece of furniture I purchased a few weeks ago. 
( To read about it, click here )
I keep thinking about it .... but haven't had the time --- yet. 

Thanks for stopping by! ....and as always ...
thanks for your comments ! I appreciate you!

Hugs and Happy Treasure Hunting!

Talk soon.

Julie xoxo