Sunday, October 26, 2014

He Asked, and I Said Yes!

A long time ago - a young lady met a young man.
They were introduced through some mutual friends... and that's how their friendship began.

The young lady had a bit of a spirit about her. A spirit to travel and experience other areas and regions...and so she did. 
She traveled for 28 years. She lived in some wonderful places and met amazing friends.

All the while she and this young man stayed in touch  and built their friendship.

Life took some twists and turns. The lady  was ready for another adventure. She took a leap of faith and moved back to the starting place that the young man and woman met. 

That is how Mike and I met....and in a nutshell, our story. 

We've been enjoying our time together the last year and a half. Making new memories.

Last Sunday, the 19th of October.... our life took a turn. 

We were invited to a harvest festival at a farm. 
We were to meet some friends there early, to spend some time with them prior to the festival.

We arrived early. Immediately , were invited to take a hay ride - prior to the event starting.

 So Mike and I jumped up on the trailer ( well, we didn't exactly jump up - we were helped up ! ha!  ) and then we took off, with our friend Trav. driving the tractor ahead. 

I asked Mike why Leona and Dan weren't with us? Thought we were meeting them early? Why were they waiving at us as we were pulling out of the parking lot? Why weren't they with us ? What's up with that? Questions - questions!!! 

After a few minutes , we had gone down a path that lead to the woods. Trav stopped the trailer and pointed out  a place in the midst of the area that would be great for a photo op. I love to take photos and the leaves were in  fall bloom! 

Mike and I headed to the location which was pointed out ...  but again .... I couldn't help ask .... where is everyone and are they trying to get rid of us? hahahahhaa! Mike didn't have any answers....he was just as confused as I was. ( *wink*)

I decided to go with it. Take photos. Enjoy the moment!  

The woods were quiet, the fall leaves were amazing  and the sunlight was peeking through the trees. I started shooting some photos. 

We continued to walk ... Mike pointed out an old beat up  metal box that was sitting on a stump. It was stamped "United States Air Force", and was basically in pieces. 

Then we looked down from the stump and there was this very cool vintage box .
It had dirt and  leaves over the top of it. 
It looked like it had been there for a while. 

Now, as much as I love a good vintage box .... I know anything that has been sitting out in the woods for a while, might house a snake or two ...or a small critter of some kind. I was interested in the box, but opening it wasn't something I felt comfortable with. 

Mike began  to clean the top of it off, and now I was  REALLY crushing on the box.
 However - still very concerned about what might be inside. 
I tried to warn Mike, he ignored me. ( typical ha! )

I braced myself for something that might come lunging out ... and to my "over the top shock - surprise" .... this is what was revealed :

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The first thing my eyes went to was the wine bottle that read " Will You Marry Me?" I was so shocked - all I could do was cry. I was so overwhelmed!

I cried. I hugged Mike and then I couldn't stop crying. (Do you know the man even remembered to bring  kleenex?!  )

Mike made it all so special. 
I found out later, he and Leona had gone vintage shopping earlier in the week. 
They found 2 beautiful wine goblets which are etched in a lacy pattern. ( LOVE! )
A vintage wool blanket and a heart shaped silver ring box. ... and the very awesome box!  

I don't have words for the ring. Stunning is what comes to mind.
The ring belonged to his Grandmother. 
Mike had his jeweler friend ( thank you, Tim! ) remove one of the stones and replace it with a stone from Mike's Mother's ring. 
I'm honored to wear it. So very honored

Mike had a pumpkin hiding behind a rock which he pulled out when Trav returned to pick us up.

So, the young lady and the young man ( who weren't as young as they once were ) decided to set out on a journey together. 
They are grateful for the friendship which started all those years ago. 

One more note:
I later found out that Dan, Leona and Trav  helped with all the props and placed them in the woods,  just moments before we arrived. Including the ring. 
Trav was our driver. 

Thank you , Dan, Leona and Trav - you made the day so very very  special. 
I'll never forget it. xoxoxo

I have more things to share with you, but couldn't wait to share this with you first!

Thanks so much for stopping by. I appreciate you being here and your comments. Always always always , means so much!

Hugs and Love,

Happy Treasure Hunting! xo