Monday, August 4, 2014

A Favorite Find - Industrial Style Love

A few weeks ago I stopped at a tag sale.
It was the second day for the sale. I normally don't find many treasures on the second day. But I've learned to never say never AND  I've learned to never pass up stopping at small tag sales. They can be surprising.

I love the industrial look and I love wood and leather. I love to incorporate all 3 looks together. 
That's my goal for my office area. Wood, leather and industrial. Oh and some rose fabric and pictures to soften it up. 

I'm always on the hunt for pieces with drawers or cubby's. 
I've seen several industrial style cabinets at garage sales that I would have LOVED to take home, but they were over priced for me. 

BUT. Not this day.

To my delight. I walked up to this sale ... and there ...  sitting on a long table  ... were 2 vintage stack-able paper trays !  Oh yes please! 

I love their deco style.

But wait. There's more!

As I swooped in to grab the trays ( I was the only one at the sale, but you would have thought there were several "treasure hunters" there. All looking for industrial paper trays - ha! ) ... something caught my attention at the other end of the table. There she was..... 

.... a 6 drawer vintage industrial metal cabinet !!  *Swoon!* 

Before I got too excited, I searched for a price ... and there it was. At the top of the cabinet was a $5. price tag!!! I'm now jumping up and down ( on the inside ) and announced quite loudly " I'd like to purchase this cabinet, please !!!!! " Again. I'm the only shopper there. 

So I handed over $7. to the cashier and ran to my car to put the pieces in the trunk before anyone could change their mind. Not that any of the people having the sale mentioned that they might have second thoughts about selling it.... but just in case. ( I'm such a goober )

She's gonna need a little TLC ... which might become a winter project. Not sure if I should paint it? Kind of leaning towards cream and then putting a coat of black over the top ... sanding it to bring out the cream. 
I don't know what I'll store in it yet. But it will be fun to figure it out.

Until then. I have her sitting next to the suitcases on the top shelf of a cabinet. 

I found a home for the paper trays. They are sitting on a shelf next to my desk. Holding important papers .... like plain paper for my printer. 

The next day I stopped at a couple more tag sales and found 2 different leather briefcases. They are in very good condition. I'm kind of thinking about keeping them to store small goodies in.
I love to stack suitcases for storage. 

That's all for now.

Thanks for stopping by. As always, I appreciate you taking the time.
Means so much!

Happy Treasure Hunting!