Monday, July 28, 2014

Tureen and Violets. A Fun Gift.

Last Friday, I stopped at a tag sale on my way to work.
I was in a hurry .... only had a few moments.

My eye went right to this covered tureen.
It was sitting on a table that was marked 1/2 off.
I would have paid full price for it, but 1/2 off was a no brainer. 
I swooped it up, paid for it and headed to work.

My cousin  and his "lovely bride" ( the endearing "title"  my cousin uses when speaking of his wife. How sweet is that!  Smart man.) had invited us to their home for dinner - for Friday night.

I knew I wanted to bring a little somethin'- somethin'. 
I offered a dish to pass - but they insisted that they had everything needed. 

Soooo ..... after scoring the tureen, some ideas popped in my head .... ideas for the dinner we were invited to!

The one idea that wouldn't leave me alone was  placing some herbs in the pot. Something about the soft white with the green foliage that makes my heart go pitter-patter. 
I couldn't wait to get off of work to pick up the herbs and create this fabulous idea that was rolling around in my head!

Apparently, I must have made the pot much larger in my mind ....because when it was time to pick out the herbs..... I could only fit ONE herb in the pot. Possibly two, if I had the second one  sitting sideways.  > insert a good chuckle < 

 I just couldn't do ONE herb. It looked wrong. 
Disappointed, I headed to the floral department to see what plan B would look like. 
I had about 5 minutes to pick out a potted flower and get through the check out before I needed to be on my way home. 

The pot wasn't large enough to hold two containers of anything, so I went with the simple violet. It wasn't the grand idea that I had originally thought of, but it would work. 

I only had a minute to take a couple of photos before heading out the door. 

After I took the photos, I realized some of the pink pot was showing through the Spanish moss, so I covered that up with moss before running out the door.
(I looked like a crazy woman with moss flying everywhere! Ha!)

The hostess ( AKA : "Lovely Bride" )  really seemed to like it. I really enjoyed putting it together. 
It was a fun unique gift to whip up. 

I love the small surprises of everyday life. 
Finding a treasure that will brighten the day of another - It made me happy.

Thanks so much for stopping by  .... I appreciate you! 

Happy Treasure Hunting!