Thursday, July 3, 2014

Once in a Lifetime Moment with Jody Lynn.

Jody Lynn  has been a friend for many many years.
Most of you that follow me on facebook know her from her Scraptherapy page.  
She is an artsy girl with many ABUNDANT  talents.

We met in Nashville, Tn., I'm guessing about 20 years ago. 
She and my Mom were very close.  Mom considered Jody her daughter.  She is a part of our family.

There is a group of us that have followed Jody through her journey of music since we met her all those years ago. We've celebrated with her as she signed on to record a CD titled "Rockin Blues Christmas".  
We've also enjoyed  following Jody Lynn and Deana with their  Mother / Daughter duo -  The Malone's.

Life is full of up and downs. As time went on,  Jody went through a lot of obstacles in her life which didn't allow her the freedom to continue to pursue her music career. 

As many of you know, it's frustrating to have a gift .... and not be able to use it. Especially when it is something that is a part of you. Something that makes you feel alive - brings joy and a sense of contentment / fulfillment. 

We celebrated with her through the victories, and prayed together during the dry seasons. And there were many dry seasons. It was hard and very painful for her during that time of her life.

As time went on, Jody let go of her dreams. She was grateful for the opportunities in the past and laid it all down at God's feet. Letting go. 

Then..... one day..... out of the clear blue sky..... a new opportunity presented itself. It's been a whirlwind since!!! 

Jody Lynn is back! Singing from the depths of her soul!!!

I can't tell you how excited I am for her! It's over the top and above and beyond !! 

The CD party at the CMA Country Music Association was last Monday evening - June 23rd. 

3 weeks prior to the event, I received a surprise! Mike gave me tickets to fly back to Nashville for the event!!! Oh yes he did! I was so excited!!! 

The hardest part was keeping it a secret. But. We did! I was able to surprise Jody at the party.  It was a moment I won't ever forget. 

There we are! The silly scrapbooking groupies, I mean "friends". 

( Thank you, Betty H.- for letting me borrow your photo! )

I am so grateful for the once in a life time moment to see her at this event, at this time. It was very emotional. 
Thank you again, Mike. xoxo

For any of you that feel like your dreams have died and there isn't any hope for them. Hang on. Delay is not denial. ( You know that  I am preaching to myself. * Wink* ) 

Keep on singing and dancin' , Jody Lynn ! 

Jody Lynn signed this to Mike.  Love this photo. 

To listen to Jody Lynn on YouTube: Click Here. 
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iTunes Music " The Worlds out Dancin' ":  Click Here

Thanks for stopping by.... means so much!
Happy Treasure Hunting!