Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Gift From The Heart

Mom LOVED her stylish clothing. 
She was a clothes horse. She'd be the first to admit it. 
99% of her clothing were from garage sales. 
She had amazing taste and found tremendous deals.  
She dressed like she had all the money in the world!

One of the hardest things to do was to let go of her clothing after she passed. 
It had to be done ... but not an easy thing to do. I dreaded it.  

We had a garage sale and sold her clothes.

Prior to the sale, and unknown to me -  Carol and Brenda ( dear friends )  pulled aside  some pieces which they knew had significant heart strings attached.  

Brenda is a seamstress. 
She has designed clothing and is very creative. 
She also knows the intense pain of losing a loved one. 
She has endured loosing her son who served our nation so bravely.
It's an over the top heart breaking loss. 
Because she knows the pain... Brenda is very sensitive to what others go through during their grieving process. 

With that in mind, she knew that using her talent to create something special  using some of Mom's clothing would be something I would treasure for the rest of my life. 

A few weeks after the sale, Brenda came  over to drop "something" off. 
She walked in the door with 4 large packages all wrapped up. 
As I started to unwrap the first package, I about fell over. There it was. A pillow made out of one of Mom's favorite pieces of clothing!

This pillow was made from Mom's shirt that she purchased at Paula Deen's Restaurant in Savannah, Ga. 
 It was the last trip we would take together. 
The trip was awesome. 
This pillow makes me smile as I remember that wonderful week with family.

The back of the pillow is made with a pair of Mom's jeans. 
How clever is that! The pocket is open.

This pillow is made from the fancy shirt that Mom wore to her 75th Birthday party ! It's  the same shirt that she wore for her Birthday Party Invite photo. 

I just LOVE how Brenda designed the back of it!

      Below is Mom's winter jacket. 
       It's a silver tone quilted fabric. 

Brenda took her scarf and cut it down to fit in the pocket. She also saved the rhinestone snow flake brooch that Mom wore with the jacket. 

This classy shirt was one that Mom wore to special events or to church.
I love the roses! Brenda created them and then used the rhinestone buttons for the center of the flower.  So swoony! LOVE xoxo

I will treasure these pillows for the rest of my life.
They are AMAZING !!!

Thank you, Brenda! Words can't express enough how much these mean to me. 
"Thank You" doesn't even come close to what is in my heart that I want to express! 
I will cherish these forever! xoxoxo

If you are interested in contacting Brenda for a custom order pillow, she is taking orders . Please contact me via my "contact me here" button on the right side of the blog post.
I will send you her contact information. 

Thanks for stopping by..... as always,  I appreciate you being here!

Happy Treasure Hunting!
Hugs and Love,