Friday, May 9, 2014

I've Been Digging in Boxes.... and I Found a Treasure!

I've been digging in boxes.... and I found a treasure!
Nope. Not digging through boxes at a tag sale .... but digging through the boxes I dragged up here to  Michigan. 

I remember her creating this. She was so proud of it when it was completed. 
With good reason..... it turned out adorable.

Mom purchased the kit from Michaels.
It is a bracelet kit . 
You add your photos to the small frames.

Mom wanted to create a photo bracelet of her Mom. 
She spent much time carefully choosing the photos she wanted to use for the bracelet. 

I remember helping her size down the photos as she ran them off of the printer. She was so tickled. She always LOVED miniatures .... and .... these photos are miniature!

Our Grandma ( Gram ) ,  ... was very photogenic. She was also very whimsical when posing. Love that!

Mom only wore the bracelet a few times.  She had  created the bracelet a few short months before she passed. 

I will cherish it.

I  didn't find a kit at Michaels when searching on line....but I did find one on Amazon. Click here for the link : Photo Bracelet   
( my "Google search"  could be off, I'd still check yourself and see if you can find it at Michaels ) 

Thanks for stopping by.... I appreciate you being here!

Hugs and Love,
... and oh, Happy Treasure Hunting!