Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Cabins and Santa's and Berry Baskets and Wooden Bowls

When Mom and I were living in Tennessee, she started a collection of  hand made log cabins.
Well, not the full size cabins you live in.... the ones that you collect and place in a display on a table top.  ( Insert: Smiley Face )

She hadn't gotten very far with her collection before she passed.

This one she purchased at a craft show in Franklin, Tn.
I love the stone fireplace.
It opens up from the top to store things in its "attic".

The other two she purchased at tag sales.  
was always amazed at what she found while  garage sale-ing.  She would say she needed this or that, 
and before you know it.... she found whatever "it" was - at a sale. 

I didn't put up a tree this year.  
I decided to highlight my ornaments  in a variety of containers.
This vignette, I used a berry basket tray. I used the baskets to display ornaments.

The berry basket tray  and baskets were one of the last gifts Mom gave me. 
I placed batting (that has the glitter on it )  at the bottom of each basket to give the ornaments some height . 
I found some vintage tinsel garland at a garage sale this summer. You know, the kind that is thick and weighty! I cut off about a foot for each basket. 
I placed the ornaments on top of the tinsel and batting.

The wooden ornaments in this basket are from my baby mobile. 
Mom saved them. All these years!
Yep. They have some age to them. LOL.
( Jody, thank you for talking me into keeping them)

Above are a few more vintage glass ornaments. 
Love the Santa painted on the back of the one ornament.

Here are more  ornaments I found junkin' this past summer....except for the snowman in the corner. Mom made him. I remember him when I was a child. She had several of them hanging on the tree. This is the only one that survived all these years later.  Precious to me. 

Above are a few more vintage ornaments I found this summer.

The LeLand Michigan ornament is one that Mike and I picked out while on vacation this past summer. The red snowflake is one of Mom's sparkly ornaments that I saved.

Mom had several of these birds on a tree that sat on our front porch in Tennessee. 
I sold all of them except for the one. 
I saved him to remember the tree, and how much she loved the birds. 

As you may have noticed in some of the other photos, there are little tea lights in each basket. I nestled them into the tinsel. They give off a pretty glow when they are lit at night.

I have 3 hand made Santa's that I wanted to highlight.
I borrowed 3 of Mike's hand made bowls to display them in.
2 of the bowls Mike made and the other his Grandpa made. 
Mike is an amazing woodworker.  It obviously runs in the family . 
( In my next post, I'll show you a sleigh Mike made me )
This Santa is small in size, he is made out of a clothespin. A piece of an  old quilt has been used to create his jacket. 

This is a Santa that Mom made for me.
His jacket is made out of an old quilt. 
A piece of fur from a vintage collar  was used to create his collar. 
His face was created using clay, which she painted. Some of the paint has chipped away... which gives him even more character. 
He has a miniature wreath hanging from his belt.

The other Santa in the bowl is also made of an old quilt, with a sculpted face. 
He has a small basket attached to his belt.
If I remember correctly, I purchased this in Denver, Co. at a craft show.

I found the trees at a tag sale this summer. 

The day before I started this display ... I went to my favorite thrift store. 
I spotted the red blanket. I paid $1. for it. 
When I purchased the blanket, I wasn't thinking about this display. I just thought it was red, fuzzy and it was $1. Why not. 
When I pulled everything out to create the display.... I realized I needed something to protect the table.... and .... " whala"....  the red blanket idea popped into my mind! Perfect! 
( Love it when that happens )

I am hoping I can continue with the collection of cabins. I'd like to add a couple more to this. Maybe I'll find some while out junkin' this coming year. 
Just gonna put it out there. Like my Mom did. 

The same day that I found the red blanket at the thrift store, I also found these vintage Santa hats.
Wasn't sure how I would use them .... but decided at 25 cents each, I would figure it out.
I was standing at the sink making dinner one night and it popped into my head to hang them over the window frame.
I used some twine and clothespins. 
I think it would be cute to cut out the word "JOY" from cardstock paper and place each letter on each hat. Not this year. Maybe next year I will have more time to do that. 

 I purchased the tea lights and the sparkle batting at Dollar Tree. The lights were 2/$1. and the batting was $1. per bag. I used one bag to fill the baskets.

Things around here are in high gear. Next, wrap gifts. Then, make a couple of my favorite goodies from the kitchen. 

Hope you are enjoying your Christmas season.
As always, I'm thrilled that you stopped by.
Happy Treasure Hunting!

Talk soon!
Hugs and Love, 

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