Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Box of "Vintage Christmas Love"

As mentioned in my earlier posts, I took some time to do 
a little decorating for Christmas this year.

The above photo is the entrance . 
I created a little vignette of  miniature vintage Christmas decor and ornaments. 

The "Merry Christmas" glitter sign is something 
Mom had picked up a couple of years before she passed. 
She LOVED it. 
I love it too. It reminds me of her. 

I placed a  red glass cylinder and a candle holder on top of some silver-plate bowls, which were sitting on  black wooden candle holders. 
It created some height on each end of the table.

I filled the bowls with vintage glass ornaments. 
I added a battery operated candle inside the above cylinder.

I added a battery operated tea light and some vintage tinsel inside this candle holder.
(I purchased the battery operated tea lights at 
Dollar Tree , 2 for $1. )
They look extra sparkly wrapped up in the nest of tinsel. 

In the middle of the table, I placed a vintage silver-plate tray.
It has an ornate pattern on it. 
I thought it would lend itself well to place the small ornaments on it to highlight them.

I found the table top chandelier at a tag sale this summer. 
I paid $2. for it. I was so excited!!!
It was already painted black which matched the table. 
The candle holder at the top of the chandelier had come apart from the tip of the top. 
It slid down the stem and is sitting on the top of the chandelier arms, leaving the top of the chandelier looking empty. 
I  left it as is and added the bow. 

The candle holders are being used to highlight the small glass vintage ornaments as shown in the above photo.

Below, I have taken some close up photos of the 
small unique ornaments 
and miniatures that are displayed on the tray.

Most of the ornaments were given to me 
before I left Tennessee. 
They were a gift from my friend , Carol. 
Carol , Mom and I use to do a lot of junkin' together. 

She knew how much I love vintage Christmas. 
Carol presented me with a box filled with unusual - hard to find - unique vintage Christmas ornaments and small Christmas miniatures. 
They are treasures to me!!! 
It's been fun to decorate with them.  
Thank you ( again! ) Carol! 

Love these guys! 2 Santa's on a slide, with a small miniature ornament. 
Looks like they are playing catch.

Wooden miniatures above. Look at that precious face.

3 dimensional miniature below. By Emgee. 

The spool of wired tinsel is a reproduction. 
The vintage bottle brush tree looks handsome sitting on the spool. 

Carol gave me 2 of these small tinsel feather style 
vintage trees with the itsy bitsy glass ball 
ornaments hanging from them. 

I have the trees displayed on both sides of the chandelier, 
sitting in vintage silver plate pedestal bowls. 

Was a lot of fun to pull out the box of " vintage Christmas love" that Carol gave me. 
I felt like it was Christmas morning, opening them up and enjoying each one as I pulled them out of the tissue that Carol so lovingly wrapped them in.

I'll be back in a couple of days to show you the rest of the Christmas decor. 

Hope you are having fun displaying your "Christmas love". 

As always, I appreciate you stopping by. Means so much.
Happy Treasure Hunting !
Hugs and Love, Julie

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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Welcome to my Vintage Porch - Winter Vignette

Last week I took a little time here and there to add some 
Christmas to my new surroundings here in Michigan.

I didn't think I had very much Christmas decor left as I had sold quite a lot before moving.
I was a little surprised as to how far I was able to spread it out .

I ended up with 5 vignettes with different themes ( including the porch).

The rosemary is from my summer herb garden. 
I found my enamel bucket and decided to place her in it by the front door.
I happened to have some gingham ribbon in my ribbon stash. 
Thought she needed a little 
extra something to make her stand out. 

I saved the white skates from our Christmas porch display we had in Tennessee. 
They are small and petite. 
Something a young lady would wear. 
The manly man skates were something I found this summer at a tag sale here in Michigan.
I tried to sell them in my eBay store .... 
but didn't have any bites. 
I decided I should keep them for the display. 
Next year, I'll probably add some greenery and berries to them.

The metal ice skates were something that Mom had found at a tag sale in Tennessee.
She added the greenery and the bow. 
They hung on the vintage sled on our porch display. 
Had to bring them with me too.

This is the what the display looks like as you walk up the path. 
Mom's wreath is smiling at you when you step up to the door. 

( You can read about her 
wreath here : Mom's Vintage Wreath )

The display needs a few more details like a  small bench or chair...
 ... maybe a vintage quilt and an old thermos. 

Gee...that means I'm going to have to do some treasure hunting . 
Darn it! ( * wink * )

I'm really enjoying the Christmas season this year. 
I wasn't sure I'd ever be able to enjoy this time of the year ever again. 
Last year I did everything I could to ignore it.  It was too painful. 

So grateful for so many blessings in my life.  

Hope you are enjoying your season as well.
Talk soon!

Thanks again for stopping by....always appreciated!
Hugs and Happy Treasure Hunting!
Julie xo

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