Monday, September 23, 2013

The Summer of 2013

I have had my hand in several cookie jars this summer, trying to do several things at one time.
Multitasking use to be something I excelled in, but the older I get..... not so much.

I'm (still) working on organizing my new office.
I was able to complete one area . I was feeling pretty darn good about it and I took a photo of this piece to post on facebook.

But then something  sparkly caught my attention .... like opening a new booth. So I stopped working on the office and then began painting / fixing up the new booth at the Mega Mall outside of Lansing Mi.
I wrote about it HERE. 

It took me a little longer than usual. I don't know... I guess my energy level hasn't been what it used to be. But the good news is, I completed the task and got er up and running in July.  
The bad news is, I can't keep up with it. I took on too much, too soon. I've decided that I'm  going to close the booth the end of this month ( September )  Maybe down the road when things smooth out more, I'll be able to juggle it all and try again.

I've had some company this summer. Several of my friends from Nashville came for a visit. It was great to see them and spend some quality time together. 

Above is Kari and Mary. 

Below, is Andrea, Kari and Mary. The three of them are so much fun . I mean, laugh your self silly with them kind of friends. + bonus = they speak the truth into my life. Which I like. Helps me to stay as balanced as possible and they help me to see what I can't see by myself. 

Mark and Carol stopped in on their way back to Tennessee from their visit here in Michigan. ( They are originally Michiganders). We met in Franklin Tn. about 18 years ago. Can't imagine my life without them. 

...and then there are these two!

Sandi and Lin came up the end of July. ( they may look innocent, but they are silly fun and have some wild and crazy in them too ! ) We had a great time together. We crammed a lot of fun into a week! 

Then ....there's this guy .... his name is Mike.
Mike and I have been friends for over 28 years. 
Mike wasn't visiting.... he lives in Michigan. 
One of the reasons I moved back. 
To spend more time together. 

We have a lot of fun together. 
He's pretty darn special to me. 

Did I mention how much he makes me laugh?
We have a good time together, and we always laugh.

It's been a full summer. 
I've soooo enjoyed seeing and visiting with my friends... and spending time with Mike. 

I just returned from a week of vacation. It's the first time I've been able to just stop since Mom passed. 
I made an effort to quit thinking about everything that I still need to do .... and just breath and enjoy. 
I felt like a part of me that has been missing was located. 
I'll tell you more about the vacation in my next post.

As always, thanks for taking the time to stop by ... I appreciate you!

Hugs and happy treasure hunting!