Wednesday, July 24, 2013

You Have Arrived At Your Destination ...

Last week there were a few sales in the area , one being an estate sale.
I plugged the addresses into my GPS and away I went.

I had fun at a local moving sale .  I purchased a kiddie pool for the dogs for fifty cents.
I've been thinking about buying one for them , thought they might enjoy it on hot summer days. I was so excited to find it and then the price ... well, I couldn't get it in my car fast enough!

So far, the dogs haven't figured out that it is for play...they are relating it to a bath and can't get out of it fast enough! I'm working on it. Hopefully they will embrace it soon. Wish me luck.

I made a few more stops and found a few more things. However,  my greatest joy for the day was traveling out on a country road, lined with mint farms  ( I guess they are called farms? ) . Yes, mint was being cut that day and I had the windows down and taking in every breath of freshness. It was lovely.
I followed the directions by the calming mans voice on my GPS ....after a few turns, he announced I was at my destination. I looked off to my left and there it was ... an estate sale a farm. Oh my goodness. 

My heart was going pitter patter as I got out of the car and started heading up the drive.
There were several barns on the site, as well as tents set up .... packed full of alluring vintage. 

I couldn't help but think of Mom ..... she would have LOVED this sale. She was a digger .... and there was a lot of opportunity for digging!

I spent about an hour there. It was so much fun!

One of the first things that really caught my eye was a pile of shutters. They were sitting in the far back corner of the barn. Appeared that they have been in storage for some time as they had some spider web stuff going on, topped off with a coating of dirt. I pulled one out , and fell in love. They had such character....chippy and rusty. I know that this isn't for everyone, but for me .... it is. I love the character of broken chippy rusty stuff. I purchased 3 of them.

After I got home and cleaned them up, I regretted not getting the remaining ones that were left. They looked so handsome without the spider webs and dirt. 

I priced them at $38. ea. They are now displayed in the booth at the Mega Mall .
Not sure if that is too high for around here. We will see.....

I have a love for old boxes and baskets. Found this small dovetailed box for seventy five cents. Think I'm gonna have to keep him .... he will fit it just fine with the rest of the boxes on my desk. 

I love old glasses ... these were waving at me when I walked by ..... so I HAD to get them too.

I have a new obsession with vintage rulers and yard sticks. I'm not sure why all of a sudden I'm attracted to them, but I am. (Must be a subliminal message I'm getting from Pinterest. hahahaa! )

I will always love old suitcases. Anytime I find one at a good price, I have to get it. It's the rule. 

I placed her at the booth. I priced her at $12. I hope she finds a good home.

Then I found these 1979 Michigan plates.  I had to buy them, they were my first " Michigan find ".
I don't think they are as special as I was hoping they would be .... but regardless .... they are fun to decorate with. 
One of my friends was telling me that her son and daughter-in- law have Michigan license plates hanging on their wall with the year they were born. ( Her Mother gave them to them as a gift )  That is a clever idea!  (Thanks for sharing the idea with me / us , Leona!)

As I was pulling away, I had to get a photo of the farm house. It was charming.

I had a great time, but miss sharing it with Mom. I'm still adjusting to doing this by myself. I have to say .... it's so much more fun sharing these adventures with someone. 
Thanks for letting me share the fun with you. 

As always, thanks for stopping by and checking in.
Happy Treasure Hunting!