Sunday, November 11, 2012

Full Circle Season

Full Circle Season

The last few weeks I have been purging and packing....preparing to sell the house.
There has been a lot to do.
Many “layers” of digging through things and deciding whether I should keep it or sell it.

Some of the decisions are very emotional as they hold a special memory....but I can’t take it all to where I’m headed. Where am I headed? Back to my home state of Michigan.
Yes. I am moving back to the Lansing area, where I lived 30 years ago.

I have an adventurous spirit about me... I get that from my Mom.
I’m a risk taker and with that has come many adventures.
Some of the adventures have been difficult , but all of them have been worth the risk.
I've learned a lot and met  friends I would have never known had I not stepped out in a new direction.
Some of those people I met along the way helped me become who I am today.
I’m grateful that my Mom instilled that risk taking adventurous spirit in me.

Here I go on another adventure, except this one is different.
This is the first time I will be going back to a destination that I thought was done and my past.
It’s a full circle season in my life.

Today my first load of boxes and furniture is heading to Michigan.

It will help me empty the house to prepare it for sale.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by.
I appreciate you being here!

Hugs and Love,