Monday, November 5, 2012

When Doors Close, a Window Opens

When  Doors Close, a Window Opens

I’m very excited to say that a window has opened for me!

It’s been a season of doors closing in the last couple of years.

I closed down my dream business of hand  painted glassware in January of 2010.

I started my new dream business, Entirely Apropos, shortly after.

I barely got my feet on the ground when in May of 2010 we experienced the 100 year  flood in the lower level of our home.

In January of 2011 my Dad was in need of additional help. He lived in another state... I was in process of trying to move him here when he unexpectedly passed in June of 2011.

In March of 2012, we lost our booths  at Harpeth Antique Mall due to the mall closing. (which means income lost )

In June of 2012, my beloved Mom unexpectedly passed.

Can I just say....this girl is READY for a window to open! 

Since Mom passed in June, new  opportunities have opened for me!

I haven’t been able to keep up with the blog or my facebook page as there has been much to do.

What have I been doing ?  I've been preparing to sell the house.

Yep, this house that holds  so many wonderful  memories, will have a new owner.
I'm trusting it will bring them wonderful memories too.

There has been much to do ... many layers of cleaning and purging involved.

I’m soooo blessed to have friends and family that have been there for me to help me through this process.
They have been there for me physically, emotionally and financially.
I don’t know how I would have made it this far without them!
Thank you again my dear friends and family!

I've given myself one month to get the house ready for sale.
( gulp! )

I’m blessed in so many ways. Not only with amazing friends and family, but also that what has been a  heart breaking season...God has granted me joy and hope in the middle of pain.

I’m very excited for the change....but wish I could take my friends with me on the journey.
They all promised me they would take some road trips to where I’m headed...I’m gonna hold them to their promise.

I will share more with you as the journey continues.

Thank you for stopping by to read my latest update......I appreciate you!
Take care.
Hugs and Love,