Friday, June 22, 2012

The Tent in the Booth

June 1st 2012, Mom and I moved into the Franklin Antique Mall . Booth 21
June 15th 2012, Mom and I moved into the Spring Hill Antique Mall. Booth 11

Are we crazy to move into 2 booths , back to back? Maybe.
When the doors of opportunity  open , they open.
These doors happened to open up at the same time and we went for it.
Sometimes the waiting list to get into antique malls is months down the road....sooooo... YES PLEASE, we'll take 2 ! Thank you. now that we have 2 more booths .....what next?
Well, one of the  challenges  was to come up with 2 new ideas that would  create some ambiance in the booths.

I've been in retail forever.
I know the value of creating an atmosphere that is pleasing and comforting for a customer....a girly customer. After all, we girls like to shop with our eyes. The more unique a display is, the more attention it gets.

Originally this "display idea"  was going  to be for the Franklin Antique Mall, but when we reevaluated the size of that booth, we decided it wouldn't lend itself very well....we'd lose valuable space. So we went with Plan B at that booth...which I think turned out pretty good for a last minute idea.

What "display idea"  am I speaking of ? .....why a tent of coarse!

At some point in the past year, Mom and I came across a pop up tent at a garage sale.
The top of it didn't seem to fit the we didn't use it. It sat in our storage unit for quite some time ....until one day , we had a light bulb moment.

Why not place the tent in a booth?  I could see it now....the tent sits inside the booth  and it has this amazing crocheted topper on know .... like something you'd see in a magazine!

Yes, that'll work!! So  I started searching for king size crochet bedspreads. I looked for them on eBay and Etsy....but they were way out of my price range.

Soooooo, we were on the hunt for one at a garage sale.
We never found the king size crochet bedspread ....but one day we came across 4 battenburg shower curtains that were in like new condition. Yes 4 of them. All the same pattern. All at the same  sale and at a very reasonable price. 
Could it be? Could this be the answer to the topper??? We purchased them and we were pretty darn excited. Yes indeed....this just might work! 

Before we knew it, we were in crunch time to put this together.... we still weren't sure this would work.....but we were hoping. ( please please please work! )

Now as excited as we were to see the final result , we did have something to do before this would be complete....  that  "something"  was kind of on the dready side. Sewing. Yep, we were going to sew all the pieces together....and sewing isn't one of our "gifts". Well, it isn't one of mine....but Mom wasn't all that excited about it either.

I happened to be chatting with our  friend Kari about our dreaded hours ahead of sewing ....and she suddenly said a word that jolted me back to reality. " Fabri Tac". ( well I guess that's 2 name)
Why YES, fabric glue is the answer!!!! I couldn't get to Hobby Lobby fast enough. ( Thank you , Kari!! )

We couldn't find Fabri Tac at Hobby Lobby, but I did find another brand that worked just fine. Crafters Pick- Fabric Glue
That evening, we cleared the driveway of the cars and laid out a few  sheets to protect the fabric from the driveway. 

I placed the 4 shower curtains next to each other creating a large square.
I glued all the edges together and within an hour or so, I was done! 
I carefully folded it up after letting it dry for an hour. 
I let it set for about 12 hours ( couldn't wait any longer ).
Then, we opened up the tent base, and prayed that it would fit.

Our prayers were answered! It fit just fine.
We didn't have to add any boarder.
It was a perfect fit and looked like something at an old fashioned country fair...or at least in my little world, that is what it reminded me of.

We were really excited.
We packed up the tent with the new topper and headed down to Spring Hill  Antique Mall on June 15.

I couldn't wait to set this up, but also  a little nervous .
We are new to the mall and new to the other vendors and dealers. Wasn't sure if this was going to be something everyone would embrace.
After getting the tent up.... I was relieved when a couple other dealers stopped by and gave us their thumbs up.
It's always a nice thing to be welcomed....and welcomed we are and have been...with our tent.

10 x 10 Tent

I  have to send  out a big THANK YOU to our friend Sandi G.
She came to our rescue the day of our move in /  tent set up.
My Mom hurt her back a couple of days before the move in.
I wasn't sure I could set up the bones of the tent without extra help.
Sandi had a full schedule with a wedding she is hosting at her home , and yet she took  the time to help us. That is what I call a dedicated friend.  Thanks again, Sandi!

I don't know if this will inspire anyone else. I hope somehow it does.
I was so amazed at how it turned out.
No it's not the most amazing upcycle project.... and I know we aren't  the first to think of putting a tent in our booth. ....however, I had to share it because I love the way it all came together.....and I'm grateful for that.
I think it is a little unique and unusual. I hope it makes our customers feel at home and that they will want to linger as they look through our booth.

As always, thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to read about our latest adventure.
I know how busy everyone is....and it always amazes me that you take the time to read my latest post.
I thank you.

I'm looking forward to sharing more photos of the booths....soon!

Happy Treasure Hunting!