Friday, June 1, 2012

Plan B

Today Mom and I started our new adventure at Franklin Antique Mall.
It feels so good to be moving forward.
I'm not sure how many dealers / vendors are in this mall...but it's a plethora.

With that many booths, we wanted to try to do something that would help us  stand out a bit.
Plan A didn't work out.
We went with Plan B.

I spent most of the afternoon, climbing up and down a 15 ft. ladder. 

Mom spent most of her afternoon making sure the ladder was stable and directing me. 
Thanks, Mom!

We hung twinkle lights up and down the rafters....
and then incorporated our $5 "find"  that we picked up a few weeks ago at a garage sale!

At the time we purchased this, we thought "maybe" we could use it for something down the road.
It's netting for  a canopy bed.

We tucked it away and didn't give it another thought.....

Until yesterday!
We knew we were going to hang twinkle lights in the new booth.
We wanted some gauze fabric or something light in weight to hang with the lights...something to give it a tent atmosphere.
After several hours of shopping at Hobby Lobby and Home Depot....we gave up.
I really didn't want to spend an arm and a leg on this maybe twinkle lights were gonna be enough.
On the way home, Mom mentioned the canopy.

Oh my goodness! The CANOPY!
We opened it up, and checked it out more closely when we arrived home.
We both looked at each other and said
" whoohoo" this will work!

This is Plan B. 

Onward ho....we move in merchandise tomorrow.

Jody from Scraptherapy created some amazing banners that we will be selling for her.
It's gonna be fun. 

Thanks for stopping by my friends!
I appreciate you checking in and taking the time to read the latest.

Happy Treasure Hunting!
Hugs and Love,