Sunday, April 29, 2012

Well -Timed Finds ( how apropos! )

Now that Harpeth Antique Mall is closed, we are searching for  new opportunities.
So far, we have  found a new location for us out in Nolensville, The Barn! 
Yes, it's in a barn. Love that! 

We have signed up to be in another antique mall that is in process of opening here in Franklin.....and guess's going to be  in a BARN! Isn't that ironic / funny !?
They are waiting on the city to approve all of their plans.
Hoping it will be ready for us soon....'cause we've been out junkin' ! 

Our other  opportunity came from our friend Steve. 
Steve is the proprietor and ( incredible, amazing and out of the box )  floral designer at Garden Delights, in the Grassland area. ( right outside of Franklin , TN. )
Steve has opened up his showroom for some of our finds to be sold there. 
It's quite an honor for us!

We have been out pickin' the last couple of weeks, with the showroom in mind.
This is some of our finds that we will be delivering this week, to Garden Delights. 

The lady I purchased this plant stand  from said her Grandfather made it.
It's beautiful.... and heavy! 

I love this metal push cart.
It was just the bare bones when I purchased it....I added  these 2 baskets that I had in my stash .
I think it turned out pretty stinkin' cute. 

Yep, that is how she looked when I found her. 
She looks kind of lonely without her baskets. 

Another old ladder, for a garden or display. 

Found this handsome galvanized piece of love at a tag sale on my way up to Nolensville this past Friday. He was filled with rusty old screws, locks and who knows what else. ( really, I don't know. I put it all in a bucket. Will be a fun surprise down the road when I have more time to see what was in there!)
He was filled with water..... now ready for a porch....filled with pots of flowers.

Yes I did....I bought another picnic basket. 
This one is in mint condition. I haven't found one in this color combination, ever. 

Oh be still , my beating heart. 
Mom found these old folding chairs last weekend at a benefit sale.
We couldn't grab them up fast enough.
I'm not sure I would sit in them, but they would look fantastic hanging on a wall (folded flat ) that the stamped logo would be seen...'cause I think that would make a great piece of art on a wall.

Would be cute to hang one of these chairs on the wall of a  front porch ( opened up ) , with a pot of flowers sitting on the seat.
One would be cute stacked on top of another piece of furniture, use the seat as a shelf to create a small vignette upon. 

I couldn't  pass up this curly wire window flower box. 

This was another find that I's a vintage drying rack.
The lady I purchased this from said she used this in her kitchen for years....she had to downsize and her kitchen didn't have any wall space for it. I think it was a little sentimental for her to let go of. I don't blame her. I would have felt the same way. It's adorable and has lots of character. 

Love how it unfolds into a hanging rack.
That's some of our  latest finds.
They will be for sale at

Appreciate you being here.
Means so much to me! 

Have fun junkin' my friends!