Sunday, April 22, 2012

Saying Goodbye to our Honey Hole.

Recently a friend of mine mentioned to me that as nice as it is to be positive, my blog and facebook page make it sound like Mom and I  wear super hero capes.  I need to work on being  more clear in my posts, ’cause there are certainly no  super heroes around here! Hahahaha!

So, from now on I’m going to try to stretch myself and be more transparent. ( I’m glad my friend mentioned it was something I had been pondering wayyyyy back in the far back corner of my brain...where there was a small space left for a new thought!  Hahahahaa! )

Sooooo here is the deal.
I am working my way through some trying situations  that have stacked up on top of each other for a couple of years . Life has been pretty messy around here.

I’ve experienced the dominoes effect ( I’m unable to clean up from the first battle / situation, when the second one arrives, etc. )
My personality doesn’t do well with out of control messy.  Oh boy. ..and can I get an “amen” !  ....I know most of us don’t do well with “out of control, messy” !

In the past 2 years I’ve encountered a flood, without insurance or a savings account.
I’ve experienced the sudden loss of my Dad ( + closing his accounts etc.and all that entails )  loss of other significant relationships, loss of finances / job. I did gain something .....”  peri - menopause.” ..OY!  Hahahaa!

 In between all of this crazy chaos , many good things happened. God showed up for us over and over. There isn’t any doubt , for me,  that there is a God who loves us.
However, as you know, you gotta walk out “those trials”. ....and it can be pretty darn draining at times.

In March of 2010, Mom and I decided to open a booth at Harpeth Antique Mall.
By May of 2010, we were doing so well that we opened 2 more  booths.
Little did I know that this would be the means to part time employment for me for the last couple of years.

In March of 2012, it was announced that Harpeth Antique Mall  would be closing April 22. After the shock of learning that it would be closing, I have been much more emotional about departing from this journey than I ever expected.

Deanna ( left )  and Mom ( right ) . Deanna had a booth near us. 
I never ever saw Deanna without a smile on her face....and such a beautiful smile . 

This is my friend,  Geneva. 
She has had a booth at Harpeth Antique Mall for many years.   She works at the front desk , as well..
She is moving her booth to the Franklin Antique Mall . I will miss seeing her. She was one of my best customers! All the best, Geneva! xoxoxox

This is Deanna and Jack.
Jack also works at the mall. 

Carol, Patty and JoEllen. More of my favorite peeps! I will miss seeing them.

This is Carl, proprietor of Harpeth Antique Mall.
Happy Retirement, Carl! 

It’s hard to say goodbye , for a variety of reasons. 
Yes it has been my means to a living, and now my income is a  concern. ( Hoping these new adventures before us will be something that leads to bigger and better )

I think the thing that tugs at my heart the most is the people at Harpeth. 
There is  a lovely mix of dealers / junkers that enjoyed seeing each other . I will miss seeing  those friends.

The customers that frequented the mall were always so encouraging and kind. I will miss them. They have been so good to  support us. Very grateful for their patronage! 

There is also the loss of an antique  mall that has been here for over 20 years. Which is a loss for this community.

I can’t but help feel that saying goodbye to Harpeth Antique Mall  is another loss in my life.
I know....nothing lasts forever.

Goodbye, Harpeth Antique Mall!
Thanks for the great memories, friendships and provision. It has been a joy for me!

Onward Ho.