Thursday, April 19, 2012

Part 2, Celebrating 75 Years!

Mom’s 75th Birthday celebration was over the top, above and beyond what I had hoped for.
 I wanted to share with you some of the special  moments.                        

I decided to split up those moments, as it is too much to share on one post.
This post is part 2 of Celebrating 75 years.
Here is the link to part 1 of Celebrating 75 years, if you would like to start from the beginning.

We hang out with a variety of friends that have gifts in the “creative department”.
Saying that, there were several creative and heartfelt gifts that were presented to Mom on her special day.

A few weeks before the party, my friend Carol and I were tossing around ideas for the special day.
Carol  told me that she wanted to come up with some kind of a gift that would incorporate 75 “somethings” for Mom to open. I thought that was so clever!

Carol decided to create  butterflies out of  dollar bills..... I couldn’t quite wrap my mind around it , but I knew they would be spectacular! ( Carol is very detail oriented...everything she creates is spectacular! )

Carol also mentioned that our friend , Lin, was jumping on board and was helping with the presentation. ( I'm guessing Lin was in charge of glitter and sticks.)

A couple of days before the party, I received a call from Carol.....” do you have room for a large , tall butterfly tree? “ . It sounded amazing....if we didn’t have room, we’d make room! Bring it on, Carol and Lin!

So the day of the party, before the guests arrived ...Carol and Lin entered ...  with this amazing butterfly tree.

It’s about 40" in height.
75 dollar bill butterflies!

Did I mention that Carol is detail oriented? She folded each of these butterflies,... meticulously!
She used a  piece of decorated cardstock  paper with the dollar bill, to give it color .

They are tied off with wire, and then glittered.

Glued on to the sticks with a glue gun.

I love the number “75" that is glittered and placed at the base.

Carol mentioned that she thought  it would be funny if Mom used the butterflies to take garage sale-ing...paying someone 5 butterflies for a $5. dollar item. Hahahahaa!

Last weekend Mom asked Carol if she would ever make another butterfly tree... Carol replied “ maybe for a 16 year old! “ hahahahahaa!

Photo courtesy of Gannon Gallery

Hours and hours were poured into this amazing gift....I don’t ever think Mom will be able to spend the butterflies, I mean ... money!

Carol, Mom and Lin.
Photo courtesy of Gannon Gallery

Thank you for being here and sharing my Mom’s birthday with me!
Stay tuned for part 3!.. I think you will enjoy.

Hugs and appreciation!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Celebrating 75 years...A Birthday Party for a Special Mom! ( Part 1 )

Without further ado, here is part 1 of the post “Celebrating 75 years! “ - A Birthday Party for a Special Mom!

As many of you know, I had  been planning a party for my Mom who turned 75 this past March.

Several of you were so kind to offer ideas and suggestions for the party.
Thank you! I used many of your suggestions, which I know made the party extra special for her.

On March 24th, the day began with the sun shining.

We  had over 50 people that had committed to attend...I needed all the help I could get
...and that’s where our amazing friends come into the picture.
Not only did they help, but they added to the menu by providing  some favorite finger food  to serve. Absolutely yummy food... including a homemade almond cheese cake that everyone was chatting about! ( Thank you, Betty!)

Photo courtesy of Gannon Gallery . Thank you, Sandi!

We have such amazing friends.
( Thank you again, amazing friends!!! ) I couldn’t have done this without you.

To back up a bit, at the beginning of the birthday week  I had a few projects that I was working on for the party.
One of my projects was to create a photo board display of Mom’s life through the years.

I was really struggling with what I could use as a backdrop for the display....and then  suddenly, an idea  popped into my head!  ( I love it when that happens! )

Last fall I purchased a picket fence headboard at a tag sale.
I had full intentions of taking it  to the booth to sell, but never did get around to it. By now you probably know where I’m headed with this ..... the  picket fence popped into my mind and oh boy!!!! I  couldn’t get to the shed fast enough, where  it has been living all these months.

I dragged it inside, cleaned it up and placed it in between the couch and the credenza. PERFECT! I was sooooooo excited! Something out of the box! I love out of the box!!!

I then tied twine on the fence, creating several rows.
Mom and I sat down and picked out photos  from different times of her life starting at childhood . I placed  each photo on the twine using clothespins.
I have to say, I was tickled at how this was turning out.

We covered the credenza with a black tablecloth.
One of my friends on my facebook page, suggested that I place potted flowers on the credenza...which totally made the display even more adorable! Thank you, LaDenna!

Back to the morning of the party.... our friend , Jody ( from Scraptherapy ) , arrived to help me with preparations .
But before she helped me get the party started, she presented Mom with a birthday gift  that Jody created.
It made Mom cry.
Yep, it was  this  “Over the Top - Oh My Goodness - Birthday Banner”.

Jody created this with a quilt and vintage trim....

Mom was so overwhelmed, she couldn’t come up with enough adjectives to express how much she adored this amazing piece of art...that quite frankly, is in the category of an heirloom .

After Mom was able to compose herself and after several hugs, Jody  hung it over the photo display.
We were all swooning by now.
Wow. What an amazing gift, and what a fabulous  way to express  “Happy Birthday!”

That day, everyone that walked into the house stopped and gazed at it was so worthy of being gazed at! Oh my gosh, between the amazing banner and the photo display....I couldn’t stand it! It came together with such ease and delight. I love ease and delight.

I’m sorry that the photos don’t truly capture the magnitude of this banner. Both Sandi ( our friend who was gracious enough to take the photos of the party)  and I tried to capture it with our cameras....we just couldn’t make it happen.

To this day, the banner still hangs in the living room.
We are in process to find a home  in Mom's  scrapbooking room to display it.

To inquire about the banner and lettering, please click on the link below .
Jody  is always happy to answer questions.
If you haven't already joined her page, I highly recommend that you do. You will be inspired !
Click here : Scraptherapy ( facebook page )
You will also want to follow her blog, please click here : Scraptherapy

This is part 1 of more posts to come regarding the party.
There are so many special moments that I want to share with you.

Note : Thank you for your patience in waiting for the post of the party. Many of you were such an encouragement to me the week of preparing for this event.
Most of you know that during the week of the party preparation, we were told that our beloved antique mall was closing and we were going to have to find a new location. Needless to say, right after the party, we were on the hunt for a new home for our booths. Hence my delay in posting the party.
We did find a new home, possibly two new homes. I’ll tell you about that soon.

As always, I’m thrilled- thrilled- thrilled  to have you here...thank you for  taking the  time to read my little blog . Means so much to me.

Stay tuned, part 2 is coming soon! ( Hint: handmade butterfly tree )