Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Special Birthday, for a Special Mom

I was creating my updated list of to-do’s a couple of weeks ago when I suddenly realized that a “certain someone’s “  birthday was coming up in the month of March.

My first thought was “ hummmmm wonder what we could do to celebrate her birthday this year? ”
My second thought was “ Ohhhhh my goodness, what am I thinking?” ........she is coming up on a special number....a breakfast at Cracker Barrel and hitting some thrift stores isn't gonna do it this year!

I did some pondering and came up with a  birthday party - open house style.
My Mom loves a party and she loves to socialize,  I knew she would love the idea!

As with every other task in my life, I have to take one thing at a time these days. ( The art of multitasking seems to be fading for me.... sad but true )

The first thing I wanted to do is get the invitations ordered and out in the mail, pronto!
I had an idea for an invite....and I was pretty excited about it.

We picked out her wardrobe and  picked up a small cake at Kroger .
I chose the Waverly pattern of the cabbage rose for the backdrop.....and away we went..... Click - Click - Click. camera was on fire! ( no,  I didn’t drop it on the candle.... hahahahaa! )

Before I knew it , we had several photos to choose from!

I couldn’t decide which one to use for her invitation, so thought it best if  I let her pick.

I think she made a good choice..

My friend , Jody ( many of you  know as the creative artist at  Scraptherapy ) took some time off of her busy schedule to help me shop for decor and paper products for the party....I love what we came up with! 
( Thanks for the help, Jody)

I'm happy to report, we've got the invites ordered / sent out, and paper products have been purchased !
Three things I can cross off the list..

I’m excited to celebrate this milestone with my Mom, and our amazing friends!

We both can’t believe she is turning 75...doesn’t seem possible.

As always, I thank you  for stopping by ....
I appreciate you being here!
Onward ho!

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