Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Corner Cupboard

For the last month Mom and I have been dealing with a lot of allergy issues.
If she is feeling better, I’ve been down
 ....and vice versa. 
We have joked that at least one of us has been healthy enough to be there for the other when the other has  been down.

During my down week, Mom purchased this amazing corner cupboard from a friend of ours.
Mom still had her paint can out from the previous projects, so she decided to paint the cupboard to match the other pieces in one of our booths.

She finished it the other day and I think it turned out lovely!

Mom started feeling yucky again, so I decided to go solo and restock the booths without her. ( it’s   weird to not have her there with me....yes I’m spoiled. ) 
One of our friends has a truck and was kind enough to haul the corner cabinet over to the antique mall for us this morning.

Between yesterday and today, I moved things around and added several new pieces to the booths.

This is how the corner cupboard turned out :

We had two shutters that we had 
 used to create a wall . 
It wasn't working out too well, so I took them down ... folded them,  then placed  them on each side of a display.
 I kinda like the way it turned out. It created a little nook. 

I  picked up this unique primitive birdcage this past weekend at a tag sale. ( selling for $45.)

...and found this lovely plate rack shelf. ( selling for $35. )

Love this old gardening book...another find from this past weekend.

This is how this side of the booth turned out....

Some changes....some additions...because some things have sold! Yay!

We've been very busy at Harpeth Antique Mall....grateful to be able to say that. 

I've had a couple of questions regarding what kind of paint Mom has been using. It's nothing fancy....just some left over Behr Eggshell Enamel Interior paint and Kilz underneath.

Thanks to Fox Hollow Cottage for the help in  removing word verification from my blog. Shannon was kind enough to post directions . 
( I have linked up her post above,  if you would like to learn how to remove word verification from your blog. She is a very good teacher, I was able to follow her directions very easily.) 
You are now free to post a comment without having to jump through hoops! Yay!!!  
Thanks, Shannon!

As always....
I appreciate you stopping by to read
 my latest post.
Means so much. 
Happy Treasure Hunting!