Saturday, February 25, 2012

Beautiful Weather to go Pickin' in the Shed

Thursday we were having amazing weather....
it reached  over 75 degrees 
here in the Nashville area. 
I decided that since we were getting low on merchandise and the weather was so nice , I'd  do some "pickin" in our shed.

We had stored some things that we planned on using for a spring display, and we had some things that we no longer are using . 
By the time I was done, I had found some fun pieces to add to the vignette in the booth. 

Part of the pile consisted of these metal boxes , one shown standing oblong in the photo.
No idea what they were originally used for... they have dividers in them. I thought if nothing else, they would be cute as flower boxes.
I also came across a rusty tray with a floral pattern and an oblong wooden box .

I love old galvanized watering cans. I'm always on the look out for them.
I cleaned this one up and noticed at the bottom it is stamped "Patent Dec. 3, 1912 ". 
It's got a lot of bumps and bruises...but I think it adds charm to the piece. 

Here is the new vignette we created yesterday. 

The windows above were original to the home we live in. We replaced these windows when we were remodeling from the flood. 

I displayed those metal boxes to the right of the hutch that Mom painted this week.
( To see the post regarding the transformation of the hutch, you can read it here : The Transformation of the Hot Pink Hutch )

Mom picked up 2 small windows at a tag sale this past fall. 
I love the size. One side is white the other is black.

The metal shelf brackets were originally used on an arbor we had in our yard at some point. 

Today I'm working on pricing more trim . Someone from the local theater purchased several pieces yesterday. They are using it for costumes for an upcoming play. How fun is that! 

Thanks for stopping  by to read my latest post.
I hope you are enjoying your day. 
Happy Treasure Hunting! 

Friday, February 24, 2012

The Transformation of the Hot Pink Hutch

A couple of weeks ago Mom and I stopped at a moving sale.
At first glance, we didn't  notice this hutch as it was filled with all kinds of miscellaneous things  for sale. 
Within a short amount of time, I suddenly realized that this hot pink chunk of love was a hutch! 

I know, not noticing a hot pink hutch doesn't seem possible.  However,  I wasn’t I asked how much the piece was, it seemed like  everyone at the sale looked over as if they too were questioning ... what piece?  
Mom and I were quoted $20. We couldn't pay for it fast enough ! We quickly loaded it in the car and whisked it home with us.

After we unloaded it,  we looked it over more closely and noticed  the amazing tin panels on the bottom doors. Ohhhhhh we couldn’t wait to see the transformation!

A few days ago, Mom pulled out her drop cloth, kilz , brushes  and  some ivory cream paint from a previous project....and the project begins.

That's my Mom! 
She is coming up on 75 years of age. 
She doesn't look it . 
Everyone thinks we are sisters...we are. 
She has been junkin her entire life. She inspires me ... I'm so blessed to have her as a Mom. 

Tin panels, oh yes! 

Mr. Higgens LOVED his plastic tent, under the table Mom was using to paint on. 

Today we brought the updated  ivory cream
 hutch to the booth at Harpeth Antique Mall 
( Booth 11 ) 
We also updated the booth.
I think it looks fabulous. 
Well done Mom! 

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read my latest post.
Happy Treasure Hunting! 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Your Butterfly Season Approaches.....

The last couple of years, I’ve been in a season of too much. Too much on my plate.

First of all , let me say that I know many of you will read what I’m about to post and you will say, I’ll trade you places. 
I get that. I understand. 

I know there are so many going through so much more than what I’ve experienced.  For that reason, I’ve kind of stayed away from talking about my circumstances.....’cause I know my drama isn’t the worst thing in the world....but on the other hand, it’s been something that has turned my world upside down, temporarily. 
I do my best to keep it in perspective though. 
I’m well aware that there are many people going through situations that make mine look like a piece of cake. 

My drama consists of 2 back to back situations in my life.

My Mom and I have a home together. In May of 2010 , it flooded with half of the Nashville area. We had no flood insurance. I was just getting my feet on the ground with Entirely Apropos....and my life stopped....everything that I was planning , put on hold.

In May of 2011, we were still in process of  putting the pieces back together from the flood and my Dad became ill. Now,  I found myself  putting the remaining issues that needed to be fixed on hold and travel to Wisconsin  to help my Dad. 
Dad unexpectedly passed while I was there. 
I was so grateful that I was able to be with him on his final day here on earth. What a gift that was for me.
I came home to a whole new responsibility...closing up our Dad’s estate. 
For any of you that know what this is like, you know what this is like. 

When I named my business , in early 2010, something in me struck a cord when Mom and I came across the word “apropos”. It means  an opportune time.

Now, looking back at the last couple of years I find it ironic that I would have chosen that word , and that it struck such a cord with me , prior to knowing what was ahead. 

I have to believe that when that cord was struck in me to use the name “ apropos”, it was there for such a time as this. To encourage me. Every time I look at my business name, I’m reminded that it is an opportune time.  I could easily look at my circumstances and see that this word hasn’t meant an opportune time ......yet. But it’s not over. I may have been diverted...but I still have hope that I can get back on track and see what is in store for me. 

It hasn’t been one of the  favorite seasons in my life. I’ve had to face a lot of fears and anxiety. I haven’t handled some things with the grace that I would have liked to, but on the other hand I’ve been surprised at how I’ve been able to handle some of the other surprises along the way.  I’ve grown spiritually because of it. 

I’m reminded of the butterfly that is in the cocoon....the struggle it goes through to be changed  into a butterfly. 
Obviously, this isn't  my first drama in life, nor will it be the last,  as life is full of opportunities to change us and mold us into the treasure that God has created us to be.  

Butterflies only live for a season....I will embrace my upcoming season of becoming this  butterfly. I hope it will be a simpler time and allow me to focus more on my business and be able to be a help to back as I have received so much from so many friends and family members.

 I hope this inspires anyone that is going through a difficult time to hang on , your butterfly season approaches.

Thanks my friends! 
I appreciate you stopping by to read my latest post.
Happy Treasure Hunting!