Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Two of my Favorite Finds...The Story of the Vintage Wooden Time Clock Card Holders

Two of my favorite finds, quite possibly, ever.......
are these wooden vintage time clock card holders I purchased at a yard sale this past fall.

When I was walking up to the table , which was filled with children’s clothing and toys, my eyes went to something that was wooden, with numbers on it, which was leaning up against the table.

 Only a section of this mysterious piece was peering  out from under a jacket that was covering it.  My heart started to race....could this be what I think it is? I couldn’t get to the table fast enough...I quickly lifted off the jacket and to my absolute delight, it was one of those pieces that I never dreamed I would come across. 

I was trying to stay composed , but in my head I was screaming “ OH MY GOSH”,  and it was really loud! 

In a calm voice, that I  mustered up, I asked the lovely lady that was having the sale, “how much is this piece “? I can only tell you that when she quoted me the price, I almost fell over.  I couldn’t get my wallet out fast enough to pay her! While fumbling for my wallet ,  she  announces she has another one, .... if I’m interested. 

By now, I thought I had died and gone to heaven.   I had to quickly compose myself again and say very calmly, “ yes, I would love to see the other one “. She quickly ran into the house and out  came with the matching piece. 
I let her know how much I loved these pieces ....paid her quickly and couldn’t get them loaded up in the car fast enough.

What an awesome day that was! It was one of the later sales of the day, and at first glance, looked like it would be a sale mostly for children. I’ve had this experience more than once,  many times I’ve found a treasure in the midst of a table that appears to be mostly children’s apparel or toys. (A coach bag and a vintage Bakelite bracelet come to mind, just for a couple other examples ). 

I used  to scrapbook when I had more time. I also used to have a scrapbook room which has now been converted into a storage room for my business. 
I miss scrapbooking and I miss having the room to create in. 
I think these pieces would have been so amazing hanging in the  scrapbooking room.

I’ve had them sitting here for a few months now. I’ve seriously considered keeping at least one of them. After tossing the thought around, I came to the conclusion that I will sell them. 

I’ve been able to enjoy them for a few months, I trust they will find a home that they will be admired and loved, as much as I admire and love them.

These are for sale at the Harpeth Antique Mall - Franklin, TN . 
529 Alexander Plaza 
1203 Murfreesboro Road.

Each piece is priced at $125. 

Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 - A Banner Year

Happy New Year!
It’s been awhile since I’ve  felt  like I could  take a few moments and post something on the blog.
I’ve been busy juggling  more things than I could possibly juggle , dropping more than I care to think about.
I've had 2 years in a row that have been quite challenging for me.

When 2012 was approaching, I wasn’t sure I could go into it with all the hope and excitement that I had when 2010 and 2011 were at my doorstep...because, as much as I proclaimed that those years were gonna be my best ones yet, they were filled with challenges that , for me, were above and beyond what I ever imagined  I could walk through, back to back.

I know that in all my trials , I have grown. I may have fought it and may have had a few ( okay, several! ) melt downs along the way, but I’ve grown.

My personality is one of having her ducks in a row, as much as humanly possible . Not perfect, not everything in it’s place, but just your average ducks in a row personality.

For those of you that don’t know, one of my occupations  consist of merchandising and creating vignettes. I am a visual person and I love creating and living in an atmosphere that is soothing and filled with decor that bring me joy.

This season of my life has been everything but ducks in a row. The last 18 months I’ve  lived in a home that looks like a storage unit.. My gardens that I took so much time to grow and nurture , look neglected and unloved.  My sweet dogs and Mr. Higgens the cat, have  had to take a back seat to what our normal routine has been....and my business has taken a significant hit.  All the little and big things in life that I took for granted have been turned upside down.

I’ll be honest. I  have some fear announcing that I’m going to have a banner year, just because of the past declarations  that I have declared ...but I’m going to do it anyway. I believe it is important and imperative  to speak out those things that we want and dream of..... speaking out those things that aren’t , as if they were. 
The power of our thoughts and words are very important , they  bring forth what we envision and speak. 

I also say that to any of you that have gone through some rough seas and wonder what is next that you are  going to have to endure. Say to yourself....”I’m gonna have a banner year” ...and say it out loud so you hear it. Lets see what happens. Lets see if we do have a banner year. ( I’d even take normal, but I’m reaching for the stars with “ banner” ! )

Wishing you the very best in 2012. 
Thanking each and everyone of you that have been so loyal to follow me on my journey. Means so much to me.