Friday, June 8, 2012

We are Booth 21, Franklin Antique Mall !

Mom and I have been busy busy busy girls. 
We moved into Franklin Antique Mall on June 1. 
We were a little perplexed with our layout of the booth, as there were some bookcases in storage that we were unable to acquire until Wednesday the 6th.  I think we did okay figuring out how to work around it.
As of Thursday afternoon,
 this is where we are at:

Mom purchased these amazing chairs at a tag sale a few weeks ago.
I've been enjoying them in my work space until we moved them into F.A.M.
The talented  Jodylynn from Scraptherapy 
created the buntings and pillows to match!
May I say that both the chairs and the buntings have had a lot of interest 
since they have been displayed.

I've been chompin' at the bit to share with you this find....
 I purchased it from a friend / antique dealer that had a booth at Harpeth Antique Mall. 
He was having a tag sale to reduce his remaining inventory. My heart was pounding when I set eyes on her! She is a rolling stand that once held fruit in a grocery store! ( I forgot to get a close up of her labels, darn it!)
I've also enjoyed having her  in my work space for the last month. She has been rather handy to hold paperwork.  I'm gonna miss her!

The enamel table top,  below the notions display :

The notions display :
( vintage and current ) 

Another amazing bunting by Jodylynn. 
She used a ruffle and vintage tatting pieces.
Yep. Pretty darn awesome. 
This hangs above the notions display.

I picked up these vintage drawers last weekend.
I love vintage drawers. 
I use them on bookshelves for storage. 

A collection of vintage lingerie .....

The shelving units that arrived yesterday!

Well, for now....that gives you an idea where we are at with the booth.
We have a lot of holes to fill in with the smalls....but we are getting there.
If you get to Franklin TN, stop by  the Franklin Antique Mall and look for us , we are booth 21. 

Our final phase starts on the 15th of June.
Mom and I are moving into the Spring Hill Antique Mall, which is south of Franklin.
After we put that booth together....Mom and I are gonna take a long nap! 

 I didn't expect this junkin' adventure to be so wild and crazy...glad I have you with me , it's a lot more fun that way! 
Thanks for taking the time to read my latest, means so much. 

Enjoy your treasure hunting 
adventure my friends!
Hugs and Love, 


Nyssa, Ink. said...

Alright lady, now just think back several weeks ago... take a deep breath, smile big and LAUGH!!! ; ) YAY!!!!! You so rocked this change in your life. As I knew you would. SO so happy for you- it looks absolutely EXQUISITE and so very inviting. Love the special touch from the wonderful Scraptherapy too. XOXO, Nyssa

Martha at Authentica said...

WHOOOO HOOOO! It is looking awesome! The green chairs are too cool and Jody's buntings are gorgeous! Now bring on the customers! Congratulations Julie! You and your mom have worked your fingers to the all you have to do is tweak each of your booths every once in a while and reap the benefits! Hugs! M

The Vintage Polka Dot said...

Your booth is GORGEOUS! I can't wait for you to move into Spring Hill :)


jodylynn said...

I went in today and it really is the lights in the ceiling too! Your visuals are fabulous!!!!

Julie Shelander - Entirely Apropos said...

Thanks for all you amazing touches in the booth, Jody! Thanks to your buntings and took it up a notch. xoxoxo ( PS you visuals are amazing too.....I learned from the best! )

Julie Shelander - Entirely Apropos said...

Awwwwwwwww, you are the BEST my friend! Thank you for the warm welcome....I'm really looking forward to being there! Can't wait! ....and thank you for you kind words about this booth...coming from you, "Queen of Displays"'s quite an honor / compliment ! xoxo

Julie Shelander - Entirely Apropos said...

YES, "Bring on the Customers" ! hahahaa! Thanks for your encouragement, Martha! Always means so much....don't think I would have gotten this far without my cheerleaders. I appreciate. So much. Hugs my friend! xoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

So glad one door closed and this one opened. If I could only use one word in 72 font would be SPECTACULAR! You and your mom truly have a gift Julie!
Love & hugs

Julie Shelander - Entirely Apropos said...

Thank you thank you thank you! Appreciate your encouragement along the way. Here we are...two booths down ,one to go. Couldn't get this far without all the "atta girls" and "you can do it's "! So nice to have such loyal friends that are there for us!
Appreciate you! Very much.

Julie Shelander - Entirely Apropos said...

Gosh, thanks Beck! Means so much. We work well together....Mom has to put up with some of my "pick-eee-ness", but she handles it with great dignity. LOL. She is a huge encouragement, we make a good team. Wish you were here, Beck! Miss you!