Friday, May 25, 2012

This Dilapidated Suitcase Held Surprises!

I found this old beat up suitcase a few weeks ago at a tag sale.

There were several things inside the case , including some ephemera .
Most of the papers are from Nashville, TN and surrounding areas.

I love the graphics and the handwriting.
Look at Howe’s Distilled Water - Southern Ice!

I would have bought water from them just because their label is so amazing!

I have scanned more of these for you to view.
They are dated back to the 1917-1919's.

You are welcome to copy these and save them in your file if you can use them for any of your craft / scrapbook projects.

These will be for sale at one of the booths....either in Franklin or Spring Hill Tn.

Thanks for stopping by ...
Happy Treasure Hunting!

Hugs and Love,


jodylynn said...

Thanks Julie! What a fun find!

pink*cherub*moon said...

How cool! A real treasure chest! How fun is that? Hugs, Leena

The Mom said...

Hope all is going well with you and your lovely Momma! I am recovering from my total knee replacement and itching to get back into the business! I am guessing that you are no longer in Nolensville. Let me know how you all are doing!
Hope to run into you sometime soon! Blessings and more,

Julie Shelander - Entirely Apropos said...

I think of you every time I find any kind of ephemera! xo

Julie Shelander - Entirely Apropos said...

Thanks Leena! Hahaa, that's right! A Real Treasure Chest! xoxo

Julie Shelander - Entirely Apropos said...

We've been thinking of you, Kathy!
So good to hear from you.
Hope you are healing quickly so you can get back out there and enjoy the treasure hunting season!
We are moving into Franklin Antique Mall next Friday June 1. We will also be moving into Spring Hill Antique Mall on the 15th.
Still up in Nolensville. It's been picking up there.
Keep in touch! Would love to see you at one of the establishments, selling your amazing finds!
Miss you!

Holt House said...

Great finds!

martha said...

so nice of you to scan and share....were these finds once you got home with the suitcase? How FUN!

Julie Shelander - Entirely Apropos said...

Thanks Holt House :)

Julie Shelander - Entirely Apropos said...

Hi Martha, my pleasure!
I knew there were things in the suitcase, I could see the ephemera....but didn't realize how much of it was in there. It was under the pile.
It was so much fun to dig through all of it when I got home.
Thanks for stopping by!

Karen Francisco said...

Boy a paper Collector Would go nuts over these Hope you know There Value..Before you sell..Thanks for Sharing...

Julie Shelander - Entirely Apropos said...

I know Karen, it's tricky to know how to price certain things.... especially since I purchase a variety of eclectic items. I'm always learning as I don't stick to a certain category.
Hope I don't sell something at a stupid price that will show up on Antiques Roadshow! LOL

Mary Ellen said...

The Howe family on the distilled water paper is my family! The manager, Carl Livingston Howe's father was my 2x great grandfather's brother.