Thursday, April 19, 2012

Part 2, Celebrating 75 Years!

Mom’s 75th Birthday celebration was over the top, above and beyond what I had hoped for.
 I wanted to share with you some of the special  moments.                        

I decided to split up those moments, as it is too much to share on one post.
This post is part 2 of Celebrating 75 years.
Here is the link to part 1 of Celebrating 75 years, if you would like to start from the beginning.

We hang out with a variety of friends that have gifts in the “creative department”.
Saying that, there were several creative and heartfelt gifts that were presented to Mom on her special day.

A few weeks before the party, my friend Carol and I were tossing around ideas for the special day.
Carol  told me that she wanted to come up with some kind of a gift that would incorporate 75 “somethings” for Mom to open. I thought that was so clever!

Carol decided to create  butterflies out of  dollar bills..... I couldn’t quite wrap my mind around it , but I knew they would be spectacular! ( Carol is very detail oriented...everything she creates is spectacular! )

Carol also mentioned that our friend , Lin, was jumping on board and was helping with the presentation. ( I'm guessing Lin was in charge of glitter and sticks.)

A couple of days before the party, I received a call from Carol.....” do you have room for a large , tall butterfly tree? “ . It sounded amazing....if we didn’t have room, we’d make room! Bring it on, Carol and Lin!

So the day of the party, before the guests arrived ...Carol and Lin entered ...  with this amazing butterfly tree.

It’s about 40" in height.
75 dollar bill butterflies!

Did I mention that Carol is detail oriented? She folded each of these butterflies,... meticulously!
She used a  piece of decorated cardstock  paper with the dollar bill, to give it color .

They are tied off with wire, and then glittered.

Glued on to the sticks with a glue gun.

I love the number “75" that is glittered and placed at the base.

Carol mentioned that she thought  it would be funny if Mom used the butterflies to take garage sale-ing...paying someone 5 butterflies for a $5. dollar item. Hahahahaa!

Last weekend Mom asked Carol if she would ever make another butterfly tree... Carol replied “ maybe for a 16 year old! “ hahahahahaa!

Photo courtesy of Gannon Gallery

Hours and hours were poured into this amazing gift....I don’t ever think Mom will be able to spend the butterflies, I mean ... money!

Carol, Mom and Lin.
Photo courtesy of Gannon Gallery

Thank you for being here and sharing my Mom’s birthday with me!
Stay tuned for part 3!.. I think you will enjoy.

Hugs and appreciation!


pink*cherub*moon said...

Great gift idea and so cute! I can't wait to read Part 3! Hugs, Leena

Julie Shelander - Entirely Apropos said...

Awwww, thanks Leena! Was a really clever gift...I don't think I would have had the patience to create the butterflies! :)

jodylynn said...

great post Ms Juliann and it was incredible to see in peron!