Friday, February 24, 2012

The Transformation of the Hot Pink Hutch

A couple of weeks ago Mom and I stopped at a moving sale.
At first glance, we didn't  notice this hutch as it was filled with all kinds of miscellaneous things  for sale. 
Within a short amount of time, I suddenly realized that this hot pink chunk of love was a hutch! 

I know, not noticing a hot pink hutch doesn't seem possible.  However,  I wasn’t I asked how much the piece was, it seemed like  everyone at the sale looked over as if they too were questioning ... what piece?  
Mom and I were quoted $20. We couldn't pay for it fast enough ! We quickly loaded it in the car and whisked it home with us.

After we unloaded it,  we looked it over more closely and noticed  the amazing tin panels on the bottom doors. Ohhhhhh we couldn’t wait to see the transformation!

A few days ago, Mom pulled out her drop cloth, kilz , brushes  and  some ivory cream paint from a previous project....and the project begins.

That's my Mom! 
She is coming up on 75 years of age. 
She doesn't look it . 
Everyone thinks we are sisters...we are. 
She has been junkin her entire life. She inspires me ... I'm so blessed to have her as a Mom. 

Tin panels, oh yes! 

Mr. Higgens LOVED his plastic tent, under the table Mom was using to paint on. 

Today we brought the updated  ivory cream
 hutch to the booth at Harpeth Antique Mall 
( Booth 11 ) 
We also updated the booth.
I think it looks fabulous. 
Well done Mom! 

Thank  you for stopping by to 
read my latest post.
Happy Treasure Hunting! 


P.j. said...

Well, if it's for sale & not just for display AND I lived close, it would be mine! My daughter is going to Jackson next weekend to visit her college dormmates. If I hitched a ride with her she could take me to Franklin for the weekend. I'd just take a couple of pillows & a blankie & sleep in your booth! :-)

Julie Shelander - Entirely Apropos said...

Ohhhhh Pam! You always warm my heart. Thank you dear friend! I will pass along your kudos to Mom, she will love your comment.

Martha at Authentica said...

What a wonderful transformation! I love the tin doors!! Your mom doesn't look anywhere near 71!! Mine is turning 79 this week...and well, there is just no comparison...she seems so much older! You are so lucky to have such a close relationship and friendship! Cherish each day!!!

Julie Shelander - Entirely Apropos said...

Isn't the transformation amazing!!!
I am blessed and blessed to have such an awesome relationship with my Mom. I don't take it for granted.
She has been so good to me... I love her so very much.
Thanks Martha, always appreciate you stopping by!
xoxoxo - Julie

lin said...

Whatta transformation, but then I knew you all would take some ugly duckling and make it into an absolutely gorgeous swan!!!! I wanna know how you got it into the car!!!

pink*cherub*moon said...

Wowie wow wow! Hunka munka that is gorgeous! Who would have thought there was tin underneath that icky blue paint? What were those people thinking? Your mom is such a dear and so talented! Beauty, brains and artistic - now I know where you get it from! Beautiful piece - I hope it sells quickly! Hugs, Leena

Cindy said...

Wow! What a great find and transformation! I miss you two so much! Tell your mom that I am freaking empressed with her total talentismatic personality and you are so artisterrific I can't help but look up to you! So, so, fantamazabulously talented! Wowowowow!

Julie Shelander - Entirely Apropos said...

Lin, I wish I had photos of all the pieces that Mom has turned into swans. Would be fun to have a scrapbook of it! :)
We purchased a magic wand at a tag sale. You wave it over the piece that is too big for the car, it will reduce the size by half. When we get home, we wave the wand the opposite direction over the piece and it automatically increases the piece back to it's original size!

Nah, I'm pullin' a "Barb" is 2 pieces . One fit in the trunk the other fit in the back seat. ( I am my Mother's daughter! hahahahhaaa )

Julie Shelander - Entirely Apropos said...

Awwwww, thanks Leena! You words are so kind and thoughtful.

The people we purchased this from must have had a theme of the bright pink, there were many things painted that color...maybe for a bedroom? Not sure.

Hugs my good friend!

Julie Shelander - Entirely Apropos said...

Hahahahaa! I like your wordage Cindy! Coming from a very artsy artsy artsy person, that is a huge compliment! I'll make sure to pass along your artisterrific words! hahahaa!
Was fun to see the transformation!

Sweet Melanie said...

It's gorgeous! I just love topaint...give me a paint can and I am one happy gal!

Julie Shelander - Entirely Apropos said...

Painters, unite! hahahaa! I just love the much fun! Thanks, Melanie! :)

Anonymous said...

This was a really fun piece to work on. I loved seeing it go from gaudy to beautiful. A couple of coats of paint works wonders!!

Julie Shelander - Entirely Apropos said...

It sure does work wonders! I enjoyed seeing it turn into a swan. Always fun to see the are the transformation Queen!

Fox Hollow Cottage said...

Cute as PIE! The hutch and your momma ;) What a doll. You are so lucky to get to spend so much time with her. What a blessing. And she looks so young! Great find and makeover =)

Julie Shelander - Entirely Apropos said...

Hey Shannon, Yes I am very blessed to spend so much time together. She and I make a pretty good team.
She does look so young, and acts young too! She hasn't changed much in 25 years.
Thanks for stopping by...always appreciated!