Saturday, February 4, 2012

Recycled Card Rack + Trim = Unique Display

A few weeks ago, Mom and I were out junkin’ and we came across this card rack. 
We pondered it for a few moments , couldn't figure out what to use it for , 
decided we’d purchase it and  figure it out later.

As time went by, Mom and I had been discussing creating  a section of notions in  one of our booths at Harpeth Antique Mall.
We began chatting back and forth as to what we could do to display a plethora of trim that I had acquired at a tag sale several months back. 

We talked about wrapping the trim around cardboard , then Mom pulled out a merchandising tag from her scrapbook supplies and it set off a spark.  

We thought, what if we wrap the trim around a merchandising tag ....and then it hit us! We could display it in the RACK! Oh my! You’d think we won the lottery! Hahaaa! We were sooooooo excited!

We pulled the rack from storage, measured the size of the tags we would need and began searching for large merchandising tags. 
We purchased 2 different sizes, for thicker and thinner size trim.

We placed the order, and within a couple of days...these tags were in our hands!
We couldn’t get the box opened fast enough! 

Before you knew it...we had wrapped our first bundle of  trim around the first tag and we thought it was simply charming! 

We placed the tag with the trim in the rack, stepped back and looked at each other like we had discovered electricity! ( doesn’t take much to make  us happy! ) 

I had some other responsibilities this past week that I had to attend to.
My Mom  jumped in there and measured  / wrapped all of the trim for me. 
( I can’t thank you enough , Mom! You are the BEST! )

I’m happy to report , the trim and the rack are now on display at Booth 11, Harpeth Antique Mall - Franklin, TN. ...and we think it’s a fun display.

We know we are not the first ones to display trim on a card rack...but we thought it was so much fun how it all worked out.

Thanks my friends! 
I appreciate you stopping by to read about our  latest adventure.
Happy Treasure Hunting! 

Additional Information Regarding Tags and Trim:
We purchased the tags from Xpress Tags
Using cardstock size #10 and #12 - Manilla.

We folded the cards as they were too long to  fit in the rack.

We taped the sides together after they were folded.
It was good that it worked out that way as it gave the card extra strength.

The trim was attached using a small amount of heavy duty tape at the beginning and ending with a straight pin at the top of the card. 
Some of the trim was heavy, we pinned it in the middle to help it from moving or becoming loose. 

I hope you will let me know if you try this! It's a fun way to display trim.


Shabby Jen said...

I love it!!!!!!!!!!!! You always are a pleasure to come visit!!!

Julie Shelander - Entirely Apropos said...

Thank you, Jen! I always appreciate you stopping by!

pink*cherub*moon said...

Beautiful display and I always love hearing about the adventures you and your mom have! Warms my heart! The trims are gorgeous too! I have recently purchased some similar tags for projects and may use this method to organize my trims in my work space! I don't have a cool rack like this one, but they'll still look neat and stay neat wrapped around their own tag! Thanks for sharing the great idea! Hugs, Leena

scott.sue5 said...

wow thats a fabulous idea :) i am trying to find one of these to display my gorgeous cards in :) i think i will use your idea to wrap some of my more "special" trims in here.. certainly will make it easier :)
i have a beautiful relationship with my daughter like you and your mum :)

Julie Shelander - Entirely Apropos said...

Leena, that will be fun to wrap your trims around the cards for storage. I'm grateful to have Mom with me. Thanks for your kind words, you always make my day!
Suzanne,I hope you can find a rack for your beautiful cards! That would be so nice for you. I'm so glad you have your daughter, that is such a gift. Thanks for stopping by. Always appreciated.

Pam said...

What a great idea and it looks fabulous!

Julie Shelander - Entirely Apropos said...

Thanks, Pam!:)

P.j. said...

Cool way to merchandise! I have lots of trims in my sewing room, some wrapped around cardstock. Anywho, I still haven't let you know how many yards of the quilt binding I need! Am I correct that there is just one shade of lavender? If so, 10 yards should be plenty. Just send me an invoice--before I decide to buy all your inventory of trims. (I'm a bit OCD!!! ;-)

Julie Shelander - Entirely Apropos said...

10 yards it is my friend!
It's the only color of lavender I have.
I'll bet your collection of trim is amazing!!!