Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Two of my Favorite Finds...The Story of the Vintage Wooden Time Clock Card Holders

Two of my favorite finds, quite possibly, ever.......
are these wooden vintage time clock card holders I purchased at a yard sale this past fall.

When I was walking up to the table , which was filled with children’s clothing and toys, my eyes went to something that was wooden, with numbers on it, which was leaning up against the table.

 Only a section of this mysterious piece was peering  out from under a jacket that was covering it.  My heart started to race....could this be what I think it is? I couldn’t get to the table fast enough...I quickly lifted off the jacket and to my absolute delight, it was one of those pieces that I never dreamed I would come across. 

I was trying to stay composed , but in my head I was screaming “ OH MY GOSH”,  and it was really loud! 

In a calm voice, that I  mustered up, I asked the lovely lady that was having the sale, “how much is this piece “? I can only tell you that when she quoted me the price, I almost fell over.  I couldn’t get my wallet out fast enough to pay her! While fumbling for my wallet ,  she  announces she has another one, .... if I’m interested. 

By now, I thought I had died and gone to heaven.   I had to quickly compose myself again and say very calmly, “ yes, I would love to see the other one “. She quickly ran into the house and out  came with the matching piece. 
I let her know how much I loved these pieces ....paid her quickly and couldn’t get them loaded up in the car fast enough.

What an awesome day that was! It was one of the later sales of the day, and at first glance, looked like it would be a sale mostly for children. I’ve had this experience more than once,  many times I’ve found a treasure in the midst of a table that appears to be mostly children’s apparel or toys. (A coach bag and a vintage Bakelite bracelet come to mind, just for a couple other examples ). 

I used  to scrapbook when I had more time. I also used to have a scrapbook room which has now been converted into a storage room for my business. 
I miss scrapbooking and I miss having the room to create in. 
I think these pieces would have been so amazing hanging in the  scrapbooking room.

I’ve had them sitting here for a few months now. I’ve seriously considered keeping at least one of them. After tossing the thought around, I came to the conclusion that I will sell them. 

I’ve been able to enjoy them for a few months, I trust they will find a home that they will be admired and loved, as much as I admire and love them.

These are for sale at the Harpeth Antique Mall - Franklin, TN . 
529 Alexander Plaza 
1203 Murfreesboro Road.

Each piece is priced at $125. 


pink*cherub*moon said...

Hi Julie! I love these!What a cool find! Something that you don't expect to see at a yard sale, that's for sure! Jim's reading over my shoulder and he said "I used to use one of those!" LOL! Good luck with the sale! I'm sure they'll be gone in an instant! Hugs,Leena

Julie Shelander said...

Hi Leena!
I love these to!
Tell Jim I use to use one of these, also ! hahahahaa! I was thinking about that,I'll bet a lot of these were thrown out...who knew they would be something to decorate with, someday! LOL!
Thanks for your well wishes and uplifting words! Love that about you!
Thanks for stopping by, my friend!

Mermaids of the Lake said...

What an awesome find! Isn't the best feeling! Love it when that happens!!! Still so enjoying connecting with you on Facebook!


Julie Shelander - Entirely Apropos said...

Oh my!!! What a fun surprise! Thanks for stopping by, Debbie. :)

It is such an awesome find. So much fun to go treasure just never know what is around the corner.

Still so enjoy following you, everyday on facebook. You guys are such a light on the internet. You've blessed me more times than I can express. Thanks, Debbie!

ToryGravitt said...


By the random chance, are these pieces still available?? I am located in GA, but willing to travel to get them!

Julie Shelander said...

Hi Tory, Thanks for your interest. I'm sorry they have sold. Thank you for asking! Julie :)