Thursday, January 20, 2011

Memoir of a Screaming Vintage Shabby Sale !

This delightful cup and saucer was purchased at one of my favorite tag sales from this past summer. I remember exactly what subdivision, and probably within a short time of driving around the area, I could  locate  the house...or should I say, garage?........ It was that special!

  The lovely lady that was hosting the sale  should have advertised her moving sale as a Screaming Vintage Shabby Sale! The words “Moving Sale” just didn’t do this sale justice.

She obviously decorated with a shabby style, and everything she had was high end, designer labels...and not to out use the word, but it was  “awesome” merchandise, at fair to excellent tag sale  prices. Sigh....

When I walked up to this sale, I  found my eyes glazing over, I suddenly couldn’t focus and my heart was racing! ....This was the mother load shabby sale!

My Mom was also at this sale with me. As most of you know, at the time she was in the process of remodeling her bedroom with the vintage shabby style. You can imagine the two of us trying to focus and remain calm. Well, we didn’t succeed in that, but it’s OK....this was an exception!

After a good hour of digging and looking and looking again, we left with a full trunk. We  couldn’t wait to get home to pull everything out of the car and take a closer look. I think Mom found half of her decor for her room at that sale. I walked away with my fair share to list in my eBay store , and the  booth at the local antique mall.

This Redoute Rose - Roy Kirkham cup and saucer  has been sitting on my shelf for a few months now . I haven’t had  time to list it until today. I’ve enjoyed admiring it sitting on my shelf... not only for its beauty, but also as a reminder of the great fun we had at the  Screaming Vintage Shabby Sale , that day.

To view the cup and saucer in my eBay store, please click here!