Friday, December 24, 2010

Honoring My Mom,This Christmas Season...

This year hasn’t exactly gone as I would have liked , nor how I  tried to plan for it....and going along with that theme....nor has this Christmas season.

As most of you know, the lower level of our home flooded ,with half of Nashville, on  May 1 and 2nd.

It has thrown me off... at so many levels. No one could have prepared me for how much of an upheaval it would be! ...and ... I didn’t get to decorate anything for Christmas this year! ( whaaaa!)

We ( Mom and I )  usually decorate the outside of our home,  and have a lovely display for the porch. We also  decorate the living room , kitchen and my work area , which was formally known as the “studio”!

Gratefully, my Mother is an avid fan of decorating for the Christmas season. Well, she is an avid fan of Christmas! 
She is retired... and although you would think she would have all the time in the world to decorate, it’s a sacrifice to do so this year. However... Mom made it a priority!  There are so many things that still need our attention....but ....the Christmas decorations WILL be up , and sparkling , in the recently renovated downstairs area that flooded !

I’m grateful for her determination, as it wasn’t an easy task. She managed to get the living room decorated and add some Christmas spirit to the kitchen! I don’t know how she did it! Very few people will see her incredible workmanship of decorating , as we don’t have a very large family. However, the small amount of people that will see her dedication to celebrating this wonderful Christmas season,WILL feel the love!

I want to honor my Mom at this time , and all the spectacular things she has done to help me and so many others, in the middle of a chaotic year ! She is the true meaning of Christmas. She helps so many and gives so much to all that cross her path . I’m honored to have her as a Mom , and I hope I can someday walk in her steps , as she is truly an inspiration to me!

This year, my Christmas isn’t about having everything in order and all the things that I love to do that normally make it so , this year,  it’s about recognizing the true meaning of Christmas! We’ve experienced it, all year long!

I wish you and your family, a Merry Christmas!

Thank you for your company...means so much!