Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Story of the Charming Chandelier!

Happy December! ( Oh my!!)
We continue to work towards  catching up around here from the past 7 months. I’ve not been able to post as much on the blog as I had originally hoped...but I guess that is what a new year aspirations of old hopes! I “hope”  I will be able to blog more in the coming year , taking you along on my journey of buying and selling gently used items and experiencing some fun ideas along the way!

Speaking of catching up, I’m determined to show you this completed shabby vintage room before the end of the year! Never would have thought that it would take me this long to publish this event...I think it’s taken me longer to publish ,  than it was to create it! So sorry!!!

As the room started taking shape, Mom mentioned that she would like a different light fixture, as the one she had wasn’t cutting it in a shabby vintage style room. We talked about some ideas, but when the thought of a small “ chandelier” came to our imagination , we knew that it was the perfect solution to finish off this charming room!

We had been on the look out for one for some time and hadn’t had any luck  finding ANY chandeliers.
Mom started the process of plan B, which was considering  purchasing a chandelier at a retail price/ retail store. She spent quite a lot of time looking and searching for the one she loved at a price that was affordable! She was about to commit to one when we stumbled onto a neighborhood yard sale! The sale had opened early, and we happened to be running an errand about the time she placed the “YARD SALE ‘ sign on the fence! My car came to a screeching halt as we both ( mom and I ) grinned at each other with much excitement! Oh boy, it’s a freebie sale! ( unannounced and not advertised ! )  The first thing my eyes landed on , while we were walking towards the sale, was this ADORABLE charming small and unique CHANDELIER ! I couldn’t get to it fast enough! I grabbed it up and almost hugged it! There it was...the perfect shabby chandelier! Mom and I looked it over and both agreed, this is it!!!

We had it re-wired and installed within days. It needed some lampshades and some bling to make it sparkle. We found the lampshades at Lowes, and we purchased the crystal trim at JoAnns. Mom spent a few hours , carefully glueing the trim work on each shade.

Although it was very charming, Mom still hoped for more bling to bring it up a notch! Before we knew it, we were at a tag sale, Mom found a bag of crystals and a string of bling to add to the lamp.
The cost to do this project is as follows:
Lamp: $10. ( tag sale )
Re-wire lamp: $15.
Medallion above lamp, on ceiling : $5. (tag sale)
Note: Medallion was painted prior to hanging to match decor
Lamp Shades : $ 25.    ( Lowes)
Trim work for shade: $ 15.  ( JoAnns craft store)
Bag of bobbles and string of crystals :$1. ( tag sale! )

Labor to hang lamp $ 25.

Total $96.

It was so much fun to see it all come together! Every time we look at that lamp...we smile!
It Works!