Friday, August 13, 2010

Benefit Fund Raiser for 3 mo. old - Witt Deane

I look forward to my Friday and Saturday mornings , all week long. It’s the two days of the week that I shop for the latest and greatest additions for our booth at the antique mall, eBay and Etsy. You just never know what you will find !!! ( part of the thrill! )

I love being able to spend time with my Mom on these treasure hunting mornings, and if by chance we have a friend that comes along, it’s a bonus! Today was a bonus day! We had our dear friend , Sandi , come along for the hunt.

We all managed to come home with some pretty sweet bounty!
Sandi found some really unique pieces for her scrapbooking room , and a mens bike! ( the bike was only $20. - looks like it was barely used! What a deal!! )

Moms prize for the day was 2 antique vintage shabby style prints, a silver candelabra, unique Teleflora Chevy (1957 model ) Bel Air container, white jewelry chest and a vintage cream crocheted throw!

My bounty includes a Coach bag a box of vintage door knobs and discontinued dishes. ALL of it can be seen in the pictures attached. I had a great day!

One of the sales we attended today was a fund raiser. It was a fantastic sale. Prices were good and we were able to purchase most of the vintage items at this sale. It’s nice to be able to not only shop for our own pleasure, but knowing that the money raised is being used to save a life.

If you live in the Franklin area, and you are able to attend this event...please go! They are open today Friday the 13th, and Saturday the 14th. 8:00 -2:00. Westhaven subdivision , near Harris Teeter ( off of 96W) They had all kinds of fantastic treasures, at very good prices!

Thanks for taking time to join me on my venture!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Putting the Cart in Front of the Horse!

As most of you know, we are in process of moving back into the lower level of our home. Along the way, we decided to change some things around colors and a new look in the rooms!

We are changing out my Mom’s bedroom into a vintage shabby look. We’ve been shopping at garage sales and thrift stores, creating this on a budget! We’ve found some unique pieces and some great bargains. Here is another example !

We found this charming dresser mirror at a tag sale a few weeks ago. It was painted white, with hand painted roses along the mirror frame and at the base. Normally we would have left this alone as it would have lent itself to the shabby look. However, the roses were everywhere... and for us, was a little too busy. We decided to sand them off and just go with white.

This piece cost $8. and about 1 hour of sanding and painting.
It’s a unique piece that has added a new look to the dresser.

We found the mirror before we found the dresser. So much fun how this turns out, kind of like putting the cart in front of the horse! Don’t ever be afraid to pick up something that you don’t quite know what to do’ll figure it out as you go along!

Hope this inspires you to keep hunting for all those fun unique pieces that make your home special !