Thursday, July 29, 2010

Adventure in Spring Hill, Tennesse - Part 2

As mentioned yesterday, we ( Mom and I ) went on an adventure to Spring Hill, Tennessee to treasure hunt for a dresser for Mom’s vintage shabby room. We found the dresser at a consignment shop, and just a few doors down is the antique mall .... would be terribly wrong if we didn't check it out!

I love this mall! Every vendor has their own unique style in displaying their latest finds. The prices are fair and the atmosphere makes you want to linger all day long.

You can find everything from vintage clothing to sparkly jewelry. Primitive furniture and yes, shabby vintage!

If you get to Spring Hill, please take some time to stop at the mall. You will enjoy!

Spring Hill Antique Mall

1213 School Street, Spring Hill - (931) 489-0022

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Where The Heck Have We Been?

The Dresser !

The Store!

As we ( Mom and I ) have been spending our weekends shopping for merchandise to sell at the antique booth ( Harpeth Antique Mall ) , eBay and Etsy..we’ve found ourselves gravitating towards the white cream and roses , shabby looking merchandise. It sells well, and so much fun to find!

As most of you know, our downstairs flooded during the Nashville flood in May. We are finally to a point where we can start painting rooms and thinking about putting the house back together, decoratively! For the most part, Mom isn’t changing much in her downstairs colors on the walls, a few more black pieces of furniture in her living room....but the bedroom....well, that is all going to change! Shabby vintage, here we come! ( it rubbed off on us! )

After making the decision to change out that bedroom, we have been hunting for furniture and all the fun accessories . Mostly shopping at garage sales, and through Craigslist. Yes, my Mom has a fetish for both! She loves to wander  through the ads on Craiglist for any unique piece, and finding a bargain is half the fun ! We have purchased many pieces of furniture on Craigslist in the past few years. Always have had a great experience and have met some wonderful people along the way!

So far for Mom’s new room, we were able to find  a wonderful iron headboard  and a flip top desk. We’ve not been able to find a dresser.... until yesterday. Mom found one posted on Craigslist. It was a dresser that was on consignment at a store in Spring Hill , TN ( about 20 minutes outside of  Franklin). Neither one of us were familiar with the store, or knew anyone that had shopped there before! Wow, something new to explore!
So, off we left this late morning to see this dresser that had caught Mom’s eye. We arrived at the store, and found several rooms of furniture, clothing, toys and everything in between...even fabric!

Mom found the dresser tucked in one of the back rooms , she checked it over with care and with a gleam in her eye, “ripped” that ticket off of the dresser to present it to the owner at the front desk! The hunt had ended, at least for the dresser. We have more finds on the list, one of which is a dainty chandelier. Wonder where we will find that, and what kind of a bargain will be had!? Fun fun!!

For those of you that live in this area, please check out Like New Consignment Store. Located at 106 Walnut Street - Spring Hill , Tennessee! She said she has been in business for 10 years! Where the heck have we been? LOL !!!

Stay tuned, I have another fun (antique mall) shop to tell you about in Spring Hill!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Almost Done with Renovations , and oh...Meet Bella!

It’s been another busy week!
We are winding down on putting our home back together from the flood.
We’ve painted both bedrooms and are now in process of the living room and laundry room.
It’s been a bumpy road, but I guess that is the norm when putting a house back together again , you never know what other issues will be found in the process...and we’ve found quite a few!

It’s been challenging trying to squeeze in work . I’ve barely been able to list on eBay or Etsy. I have found the time to stock the local booth at Harpeth Antique Mall, it’s not as time consuming as listing . ( One of the perks of stocking the booth has been taking a break from the house! LOL!)

I’m still out treasure hunting most weekends and I have a nice assortment of things to list when we get through this last phase of restoration. ( I’ve found some lovely vintage decorative items, leather Coach bags, hardware, books, vintage quilts and a Longaberger basket I’ve not been able to identify- yet!! )
I stopped at an unadvertised garage sale on Thursday and found Bella! She is my new head model for glasses and hats! Have been looking for her for sometime now , was so excited when I walked up to the table and she winked at me! I think she is very pretty and will be an asset to selling my accessories! Welcome to Entirely Apropos, Bella!

We all have chapters in our lives that take us in new directions. My brother and his wife have a new chapter in their life. They moved ( this past week ) from Franklin, TN ( where we live) to St. Augustine- Florida, to pursue a new direction in their life. We are very excited for them. They can use a new chapter that will bring them some joy . ( Sunshine and beach is always a good recipe for joy ! )
At the same time, it’s an adjustment saying goodbye and knowing they are no longer 15 minutes away. We already miss them, very much.

I’m Looking forward to a normal day again! ...I see that happening, soon!

Thanks for taking the time to visit with me today!