Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Beginning of the Collectible Booth

Mom and I recently opened ( June 15th!) an additional (small) booth at Harpeth Antique Mall.
When we upgraded to a larger booth in March, Mom and I discussed the idea that “someday” it would be nice to open a smaller booth that we could sell our collectibles, Harley Davidson and miscellaneous “ manly “ merchandise in. After all, placing a Harley Davidson T-Shirt next to a frilly piece of lace doesn’t quite cut it , “visually”.

May 1st rolled around , when DeAnna ( the sweet lady that has a booth across from us), announced that she was moving into a larger booth and her SMALLER booth would be available! Well, that is all it took. Mom and I looked at each other , didn’t say a word ...but smiled at each other and it was almost as if the words “timing” were floating in the air. It was just this knowing that maybe ...(could it be?) ...the time had come! I mean, really ...it should be a no brainer! It’s right across from the “frilly” booth and it’s painted in a color that is almost the same color as our booth! ( well, the "color" comment sounded better at the time...now that I write that, it sounds rather silly! ...however, my point would be that we wouldn’t have to paint it!...there... that sounds much more sane!) We could easily stock booth booths and be able to keep an eye on things much easier than having a booth on one side of the mall and a booth on the other side of the mall! There... we’ve talked ourselves into it!!!!

June 15th we started moving into the booth that we now fondly call the “collectible booth”. It’s taken us several days, but we are getting there. Still have some shelves that need more inventory. Happy to report that we have already sold a drafting table , snake skin rug and a set of Curly, Larry and Mo dolls... as well as a few Harley Davidson items.
The pictures reveal the entry way, via the main isle.

I’ve noticed a higher rate of male customers shopping in the new booth, than we have ever had before. Hopefully the rack of Harley Davidison T-Shirts blaring at them is a warm welcome.

We are really enjoying having 2 different looks ( booths) and catering to a variety of people that have different interest. It’s a whole new world for us to expand our horizons!
Onward Ho!