Saturday, June 19, 2010

I'm Hungry, I Guess I'll Have To Eat My Words!

Funny Mom has a fetish for sunglasses. I was just teasing her the other day when I borrowed her car - because her console was filled with sunglasses! ( of coarse, they are all garage sale find sunglasses ! it really doesn’t count that there are so many! ) I told her that she MIGHT have room for a couple more , as there was still a little bit of space in the console!

This morning there were plenty of garage sales to attend, but a subdivision sale is priority! It’s like going trick or treating. You can attend many sales in a short amount of time, I guess you could call it power shopping! We love those subdivision sales!

Originally, Mom and I planned to go garage sale-ing (today) with our good friend , Carol. However, earlier this week, Mom wasn’t feeling very good and was sick for a couple of days. It was up in the air as to whether or not Mom would be able to join us. By the time 6:30 am rolled around this morning , I had her talked into going with us. After all, if she finds that she doesn’t feel well enough to shop, she can always sit in the car and enjoy some sunshine , air conditioning, and free entertainment of people watching ! of the first sales we stop at , Mom decides she will take it slow and see how it goes. She isn’t moving at lighting speed, but she was moving. We made our purchases and lugged back to the car an armful of goodies, except for Mom...she had one small item in her hand and that was it. When we got out to the car, she was all excited to show us her latest “find”....and yes, there it was...a pair of SUNGLASSES !! (Oh my...she took me seriously!)

Mom made it through most of the morning and by 10:00 am we were all wiped out from the heat. We headed home to unload and revisit our finds that we so carefully (and excitedly) had chosen!

Mom had her newly acquired sunglasses in hand, and bee lined it for the computer! Sure enough, within a short amount of time she had researched the glasses . I suddenly heard a huge gasp come from her. I thought , what in the world is wrong? I quickly took a look at her screen and I found myself gasping as well ! To our total shock, she discovered they are vintage .Ted Lapidus, is the designer of the glasses . He was famous, in Paris, from the 60's- 80's. He died in 1989. His sunglasses were purchased by the rich and famous, and still are! ....and drum roll pleases....these are selling for ...oh....around $150. ! She paid .50 cents for them !!! Now that’s what I’m talking about !! Whoohooo!

Needless to say, I won't be teasing her about sunglasses anymore. If she hadn’t come out with us this morning she would have missed out on this spectacular “ find “... AND ... she would have missed out on making me eat my words! ( that would have been tragic) .

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Merchandising the New Booth!

I’m having a blast merchandising our new booth (at the Harpeth Antique Mall) . I forgot how much I enjoy merchandising, setting a tone - creating an atmosphere that will hopefully draw people in and create sales.
In my few years as a visual coordinator, I always enjoyed walking up to a display that I had recently created to see if anything had sold . It was an unspoken “ atta girl” for me if something ( or hopefully several things! ) had sold.
Now, when I step into the mall and approach our booth, I’m always excited to see if there are any empty spaces, it lets me know that people are looking / shopping, and there has been interest. Hopefully, the displays are an unspoken part of the sales coming in.
I enjoy shopping in an environment that has been attended to. It makes me linger longer and find something that I probably don’t need, but am inspired to enjoy at home.
How about you like shopping in an environment that is pleasing to the senses?
I would think most of us do...I’m interested in your thoughts about it!