Saturday, June 12, 2010

Our Annual Garage Sale - June 2010

We had our annual garage sale inside the lower level of our home, which flooded in May of 2010 .
(Historic flood in Nashville -2010)

We decided to have it in what was the living room.
Since all our furniture was in storage, and the room was empty...waiting for drywall repair, we thought...why not? Air conditioning in the south is a LOVELY THING in June!

Soooo glad it was in air conditioning....we are dealing with high humidity and temperatures in the high 80's - lower 90's! Ughhhh !!!! Can't imagine hosting a YARD sale in this weather....way too hot for this girl, and her Momma, to deal with !

We had a one day sale, on Friday. It went well. We sold enough to NOT make it worth our time to open up on Saturday. Instead, this Saturday morning, we went hunting for bargains at other sales in the area! ( found some wonderful " finds" for eBay , Etsy and the booth !)

Our friend , Mark , came by this afternoon with his truck.
We loaded up his truck with the remaining items from our sale, and delivered them to “Our Thrift Store” , located in Franklin, TN. They are a local thrift store that serves a very special purpose-creating almost 20 ongoing jobs for young adults with disabilities.

Please check out :
Our Thrift Store-Franklin, Tn

Thank you for your help, Mark! We appreciate you!!!

Whether you have a garage / yard sale and have "left overs", or don’t want to deal with a sale.... please consider donating your unused items / clothing to a local thrift store that serves your community! Your donations will bring purpose and help to others.