Sunday, August 1, 2010

This is why I Love to Shop at Garage Sales!

We are getting closer and closer to completing the shabby vintage bedroom.

This weekend we found several more pieces ( purchased at garage sales! ) that will help complete the room.
I wanted to show you the curtains that were found yesterday.... they are just beautiful!
Here’s the best part...they were 50 cents! Can you believe it? This is why I love to shop at garage sales!
It’s a great way to decorate on a budget, and you will end up with one of a kind unique decor!

Another plus about decorating with gently used items is that if you find something else down the road that you like can switch it out without buyers remorse! Sell the item that you are trading out at your next garage sale, or donate it your favorite thrift store.

Stay tuned...I’ve got more to show you in the upcoming days! You’ll be amazed at what this shabby vintage room will cost to put together.


Jodylynn said...

I love them! I was gonna say "SOLD" then I remembered they are in the bedroom! HAH! :)

Cindy said...


Julie Shelander said...

Thanks Jody and Cindy!! :)