Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Latest Finds: Work Table and Rugs !

As we are working on piecing together the shabby vintage room, we’ve also come across some pieces that would lend themselves to the computer / scrapbook room!

Originally Mom had a vintage drafting table to use in this room as a work table. The table had some issues and wasn’t comfortable for her to sit at. She sold the table (at the booth / antique mall ) a couple of weeks ago. ( sold for $75.) She took the money from that sale and is applying it to finding some new pieces for this room.

Recently, our neighbor asked us if we would be interested in taking a look at some of his furniture he was selling. We set up a time to meet him , and walked across the street to see what kind of treasures would await us! There it was.....a work table! Our neighbor used it in his studio as a table to paint his art on. It had some character to it ( which we love! ) , just needed to be sanded down here and there and have a fresh coat of paint !

Mom painted the piece this weekend, and we were able to move it into the room last night. It has been painted black and looks striking against the olive green walls with the black baseboards! Mom also painted the desk riser to match the table. ( She previously had that on her other table - handy for extra storage, or a perch for Mr. Higgens to watch the birds out the window!)

The other recent treasure we found for this room are the rugs. Those were purchased ( late in the morning) last Friday, while out garage sale-ing! They are stunning! Black, cream and soft green background with red and pink roses. The rugs are woven. We purchased them from a dealer that was changing out her booth. Here’s the best part .....we paid $15. for BOTH rugs ,and $15. for the work table!
Mom's scrapbooking room is going to have a whole new look , and the cost is minimal!

The curtains were also a garage sale find( from last year). They are Waverly panels. They have bright red and pink cabbage roses. Looks great with the rugs! ( can’t remember what we paid for them, but probably no more than $5. )

We are still on the hunt for another cupboard style piece to hold her scrapbook embellishments.

I’ll update you on the room as we continue to move into our remodeled lower level of our home.

Thanks for spending some time with me on this journey!

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