Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Things That Make Me Happy!

Normally by now, we have the front porch planters filled with blooms ( plants ) that make us smile every time we look out the front door ( which is often!)

This year the gardens and front porch have been neglected. Half of our home flooded in the May . We are in the middle of renovation and as you know, there are always new problems that are discovered along the way! ( old home syndrome! ) Flowers and weeding have been placed on the back page of the to do list ( actually, it’s a book ! LOL !).

The other day, Mom and I stopped at a store to pick up something for the house and walked out with not only that , but a few plants to plant in a couple of the containers. We both decided that although it’s not a priority, sometimes it’s very necessary to do some things for yourself that make you smile when going through challenging times.

I planted the flowers this morning, which caused me to take a trip to our very messy shed to obtain the tools. I not only found the tools, but ran across these cute vintage enamel pots and coffee pot that I had forgotten about.

We had a few plants ( pre flood ) that I placed inside the enamel pots, and I used the coffee pot to hold my bags of miracle grow! It’s a fun way to decorate your blooms and use vintage containers in a unique way!

You’ll have to excuse the condition of the plants, as they have been neglected. I’m thinking that having my miracle grow so close at hand, will help me to remember to feed them on a consistent basis and they will grow strong and bloom all summer long.

For me, It’s those little things in life that make me smile and bring me much joy.

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