Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Merchandising the New Booth!

I’m having a blast merchandising our new booth (at the Harpeth Antique Mall) . I forgot how much I enjoy merchandising, setting a tone - creating an atmosphere that will hopefully draw people in and create sales.
In my few years as a visual coordinator, I always enjoyed walking up to a display that I had recently created to see if anything had sold . It was an unspoken “ atta girl” for me if something ( or hopefully several things! ) had sold.
Now, when I step into the mall and approach our booth, I’m always excited to see if there are any empty spaces, it lets me know that people are looking / shopping, and there has been interest. Hopefully, the displays are an unspoken part of the sales coming in.
I enjoy shopping in an environment that has been attended to. It makes me linger longer and find something that I probably don’t need, but am inspired to enjoy at home.
How about you like shopping in an environment that is pleasing to the senses?
I would think most of us do...I’m interested in your thoughts about it!

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