Sunday, June 27, 2010

Franklin’s Marvin Stalnaker - Signed Print

Franklin, Tennessee is known for many things. Famous battles were fought during the civil war, beautiful rolling hills, friendly people , festivals, and a renowned artist by the name of Marvin Stalnaker.

We met Marvin when Mom and I use to participate in local craft / art shows ( years ago!).
Marvin was an iconic figure in the Franklin area...not only for his gift of fine art that portrays our local historic homes and buildings , but probably remembered just as much because of his charismatic, loving personality. He knows no stranger. He is an authentic person that remembers everyone and left an impression with us all.

Marvin moved to West Virginia a few years ago...but he left behind some incredible pieces of art for Franklin / Williamson Co. residents to enjoy for years to come.

If you are lucky enough to come across a Marvin Stalnaker print at a garage sale, you are a very fortunate person. Very few people give up their “Marvin prints”.

If you were fortunate enough to have met Marvin and own one of his prints, you can’t but help display his work with great reverence, and experience the essence of the artist through each piece he poured himself into.

Note: This signed print was given to me by our friend Carol, for me to sell in the booth. She is an avid garage sale queen and was fortunate enough to have found this at a sale.
I want to thank her for her loving heart ... she is such an awesome, loyal friend to us.


arlee bird said...

I'd never heard of Marvin Stalnaker before today. I'm assuming that he must be somewhere in my family tree. My paternal grandmother was a Stalnaker from West Virginia and Stonewall Jackson is a part of my family tree. My guess is that Stonewall is also on Marvin's family tree.
I noted from the notes of the recent gathering of the Jackson Brigade organization of which I am the current Vice President that a Marvin Stalnaker print of Stonewall had been donated to someone who had assisted in the reunion gathering. When I started googling Marvin's name I came upon your blog post.

In short, yes, a Marvin Stalnaker print would indeed be a treasured find and now I hope I too might come upon one someday.

Enjoyed your post.

Tossing It Out

Julie Shelander said...

Hi Lee,
I so enjoyed your comment! Thank you!

I searched for Marvin after reading your post, as I know he is know a Pastor of a church.

Found him in West Virgina! The link I am attaching gives his contact information (towards the bottom of the page). There is an email address, phone # and mailing address.

My Mom is an avid researcher of our heritage. I know how exciting it is to find a relative. She hooked up with a cousin in Canada via, and they have been in touch ever since! :)

He is such a wonderful person, and missed in our community.

Thanks for signing up on my blog! I'm thrilled! :)

Thanks Thanks!
Julie :)

Link to Marvin:

Linda McKinney said...

Julie - Love your site. I'm a "repurposer" too. Thanks for the link to Marvin. I used to be his neighbor in Franklin, and I'm from West Virginia, so I'm anxious to find him! Thanks. Linda McKinney

Linda McKinney said...

We must be related! Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson's father and my great-great grandmother were brother and sister. I have a book tracing the Jackson family back to the early 1700's. Marvin Stalnaker was my neighbor in Franklin, TN and I purchased a signed lithograph from him years ago. I have loved it, but would be willing to sell it if you're really interested. It is called "The Quilters" and is #183/500. Not sure, but I think it has been out of print for some time now. Please get in touch with me if you want info on Jacksons or "The Quilters".

Arlee Bird said...

I now own a Marvin Stalnaker signed and numbered print and I'm so pleased. An aunt from Clarksburg sent me a copy of a beautiful work called "Stonewall's Love" which depicts Stonewall Jackson at the side of a cradle which I presume to be one of his children. It's a lovely piece. A cousin gave it to my aunt to send to me. My aunt also sent me a lovely painting that she had done. Two artworks in one day. What a great way to start the holiday season!

I have you to thank for introducing me to this artist in the first place.

Tossing It Out

Toddy said...

My children and I were actually models for a couple of Marvin Stalnaker prints. I am currently moving to a beach cottage and have SEVERAL of Marvin's prints for sale, both framed and unframed if anyone is interested...