Friday, December 24, 2010

Honoring My Mom,This Christmas Season...

This year hasn’t exactly gone as I would have liked , nor how I  tried to plan for it....and going along with that theme....nor has this Christmas season.

As most of you know, the lower level of our home flooded ,with half of Nashville, on  May 1 and 2nd.

It has thrown me off... at so many levels. No one could have prepared me for how much of an upheaval it would be! ...and ... I didn’t get to decorate anything for Christmas this year! ( whaaaa!)

We ( Mom and I )  usually decorate the outside of our home,  and have a lovely display for the porch. We also  decorate the living room , kitchen and my work area , which was formally known as the “studio”!

Gratefully, my Mother is an avid fan of decorating for the Christmas season. Well, she is an avid fan of Christmas! 
She is retired... and although you would think she would have all the time in the world to decorate, it’s a sacrifice to do so this year. However... Mom made it a priority!  There are so many things that still need our attention....but ....the Christmas decorations WILL be up , and sparkling , in the recently renovated downstairs area that flooded !

I’m grateful for her determination, as it wasn’t an easy task. She managed to get the living room decorated and add some Christmas spirit to the kitchen! I don’t know how she did it! Very few people will see her incredible workmanship of decorating , as we don’t have a very large family. However, the small amount of people that will see her dedication to celebrating this wonderful Christmas season,WILL feel the love!

I want to honor my Mom at this time , and all the spectacular things she has done to help me and so many others, in the middle of a chaotic year ! She is the true meaning of Christmas. She helps so many and gives so much to all that cross her path . I’m honored to have her as a Mom , and I hope I can someday walk in her steps , as she is truly an inspiration to me!

This year, my Christmas isn’t about having everything in order and all the things that I love to do that normally make it so , this year,  it’s about recognizing the true meaning of Christmas! We’ve experienced it, all year long!

I wish you and your family, a Merry Christmas!

Thank you for your company...means so much!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Serving Some Vintage Shabby Decor !

This summer, while stocking our booth at the antique mall, Mom and I happened to notice these charming vintage shabby style plates! They were in the booth next to ours, calling our names!

We ventured over and took a closer look. Sure enough, they were vintage and shabby! The colors matched the decor in the vintage shabby room we were in process of decorating. The plates were priced to sell!

We brought them home and  tucked them away  until we could find a plate rack at a tag / garage  sale. It wasn’t but a couple of weeks and sure enough, a plate rack was found!

 The cost for  the rack and the plates totaled  $5. ! Perfect!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Story of the Charming Chandelier!

Happy December! ( Oh my!!)
We continue to work towards  catching up around here from the past 7 months. I’ve not been able to post as much on the blog as I had originally hoped...but I guess that is what a new year aspirations of old hopes! I “hope”  I will be able to blog more in the coming year , taking you along on my journey of buying and selling gently used items and experiencing some fun ideas along the way!

Speaking of catching up, I’m determined to show you this completed shabby vintage room before the end of the year! Never would have thought that it would take me this long to publish this event...I think it’s taken me longer to publish ,  than it was to create it! So sorry!!!

As the room started taking shape, Mom mentioned that she would like a different light fixture, as the one she had wasn’t cutting it in a shabby vintage style room. We talked about some ideas, but when the thought of a small “ chandelier” came to our imagination , we knew that it was the perfect solution to finish off this charming room!

We had been on the look out for one for some time and hadn’t had any luck  finding ANY chandeliers.
Mom started the process of plan B, which was considering  purchasing a chandelier at a retail price/ retail store. She spent quite a lot of time looking and searching for the one she loved at a price that was affordable! She was about to commit to one when we stumbled onto a neighborhood yard sale! The sale had opened early, and we happened to be running an errand about the time she placed the “YARD SALE ‘ sign on the fence! My car came to a screeching halt as we both ( mom and I ) grinned at each other with much excitement! Oh boy, it’s a freebie sale! ( unannounced and not advertised ! )  The first thing my eyes landed on , while we were walking towards the sale, was this ADORABLE charming small and unique CHANDELIER ! I couldn’t get to it fast enough! I grabbed it up and almost hugged it! There it was...the perfect shabby chandelier! Mom and I looked it over and both agreed, this is it!!!

We had it re-wired and installed within days. It needed some lampshades and some bling to make it sparkle. We found the lampshades at Lowes, and we purchased the crystal trim at JoAnns. Mom spent a few hours , carefully glueing the trim work on each shade.

Although it was very charming, Mom still hoped for more bling to bring it up a notch! Before we knew it, we were at a tag sale, Mom found a bag of crystals and a string of bling to add to the lamp.
The cost to do this project is as follows:
Lamp: $10. ( tag sale )
Re-wire lamp: $15.
Medallion above lamp, on ceiling : $5. (tag sale)
Note: Medallion was painted prior to hanging to match decor
Lamp Shades : $ 25.    ( Lowes)
Trim work for shade: $ 15.  ( JoAnns craft store)
Bag of bobbles and string of crystals :$1. ( tag sale! )

Labor to hang lamp $ 25.

Total $96.

It was so much fun to see it all come together! Every time we look at that lamp...we smile!
It Works!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It will take time to Count My Blessings!

As I enter into this season of Thanksgiving , it won't take much for me to be reminded of all the blessings I’ve experienced this past year. I get choked up and overwhelmed with gratefulness and appreciation when I look back at where we have been.

The lower level of our home flooded in May.
I knew this was going to be a challenge to get our home put back together, but I had no idea at the time what would be required, or how this would all work out.

Looking back, I’m in awe . I’ve experienced miracles, I’ve experienced what it feels like to have family members and friends rally around you.
We experienced the gift of unconditional giving when a group of over 20 strangers came to our rescue to tear out the damaged flooring and walls. It would have cost us over half of our FEMA fund in order to have that done, had we hired someone.

It’s been an amazing I wouldn’t have chosen to go through it, had I had a choice. However, I would have missed out on experiencing all these blessings , love and compassion from so many!

Yes things are still out of order ( I struggle with that, as I do better in an environment that has order ) and yes I have been, and continue to be overwhelmed at times...but we have a home.

Our home is in better condition than it was prior to the flood. We have a new updated look downstairs and Mom has a whole new bedroom and scrapbooking room that she adores.
We have a drainage system around the lower level.
Other issues that would have never been exposed if it weren't for the flood, are now taken care of.

It won’t take much for me on Thanksgiving to find the things I’m thankful for, it will take me time to count them all!

Many Blessings to you and your family.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, October 18, 2010

It's Just Perfect for the Shabby Vintage Room!

This is one of my favorite finds we came across this summer, while out treasure hunting! ( garage and yard sale-ing!)
This piece is full of storage! The door on the right, opens up to4 shelves. It’s just as charming as can be....perfect for the shabby vintage room that we are putting together on a budget!
Here is the kicker, we found it late in the morning.....for $20. Yes, $20 !

Stay tuned! ... I’ve got more to show you!

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's all about the details!

Every weekend of tag sale shopping ( garage /yard sales ) , we have been able to move forward in our quest to give this room, a shabby vintage make over! ( please see prior posts regarding our progress in putting our home back together after it flooded in May, 2010)

Whether it be a needed piece of furniture, or decorative pieces’s all coming together quickly. I need to emphasize’s come together much faster than what we anticipated!
Don’t be discouraged if you are trying to do the same type of project and your hunt hasn’t gone quite as easy. I can’t explain this phenomenon of how fast this has come together! Ha!

Not only have we found some unique pieces at tag sales, but we also have found some great finds at the antique mall! (Harpeth Antique Mall - Franklin, TN.)

These adorable glass spheres were tucked inside a case that was surrounded by vintage jewelry. All three were $6.- total ! We didn’t really think about what their original purpose was when we purchased them. After studying them more closely , we decided they were probably finials for a drapery rod. Just another fun example of re-purposing something!

We also came upon this adorable foot stool for $10. It makes me smile every time I look at it!

I've got much more to show you ...stay tuned!

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

What Started this Shabby - Vintage Bedroom Decor Adventure!

I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since I’ve posted something . Time has gotten away from me! Yikes!!! ( I think many of you can relate!)
I’m juggling a little too much for my comfort zone, dropping a few balls along the way...regardless, moving forward !

We ( Mom and I ) continue the process of restoring our 5 rooms that flooded in May, during the Historic Nashville Flood.

We’ve been busy shopping ( garage sales ) to replace Mom's bedroom furniture, creating a room that reflects a shabby vintage style.

As mentioned in earlier posts, I am in process of taking you through our experience of changing out a room, on a budget - via garage sales / thrift store finds.

Honestly, we are a little shocked how quickly we were able to complete this project. Just a few more decorations are needed.

I’m excited to show you what we’ve done on a budget , and hopefully inspire you !

What started the thought to change out her room to this style of shabby - vintage, is this beautiful bedspread we purchased at a tag sale ( garage sale ).

This quilted bedspread is filled with roses in pink / cranberry colors, creamy white background. We paid $15. for the quilt and 2 pillow shams - in like new condition!

A couple weeks later, we came across the bed skirt. Purchased at a tag sale, in new-original packaging, $5.

The black pillow, with embroidery , was purchased at our local Harpeth Antique Mall for $5. - in like new condition! ( we have more black accents in the room, which I will show you later! )

The iron headboard was purchased at a furniture sale at our local thrift store - $20.
(The bed frame was included in the price of the headboard)

Total cost for this new look : $ 45.

I’m excited to show you the remaining pieces of furniture and decor we found , you’ll be amazed at the prices!

Thanks for taking the time to join me on this journey!
Stay tuned for more.....

Friday, August 13, 2010

Benefit Fund Raiser for 3 mo. old - Witt Deane

I look forward to my Friday and Saturday mornings , all week long. It’s the two days of the week that I shop for the latest and greatest additions for our booth at the antique mall, eBay and Etsy. You just never know what you will find !!! ( part of the thrill! )

I love being able to spend time with my Mom on these treasure hunting mornings, and if by chance we have a friend that comes along, it’s a bonus! Today was a bonus day! We had our dear friend , Sandi , come along for the hunt.

We all managed to come home with some pretty sweet bounty!
Sandi found some really unique pieces for her scrapbooking room , and a mens bike! ( the bike was only $20. - looks like it was barely used! What a deal!! )

Moms prize for the day was 2 antique vintage shabby style prints, a silver candelabra, unique Teleflora Chevy (1957 model ) Bel Air container, white jewelry chest and a vintage cream crocheted throw!

My bounty includes a Coach bag a box of vintage door knobs and discontinued dishes. ALL of it can be seen in the pictures attached. I had a great day!

One of the sales we attended today was a fund raiser. It was a fantastic sale. Prices were good and we were able to purchase most of the vintage items at this sale. It’s nice to be able to not only shop for our own pleasure, but knowing that the money raised is being used to save a life.

If you live in the Franklin area, and you are able to attend this event...please go! They are open today Friday the 13th, and Saturday the 14th. 8:00 -2:00. Westhaven subdivision , near Harris Teeter ( off of 96W) They had all kinds of fantastic treasures, at very good prices!

Thanks for taking time to join me on my venture!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Putting the Cart in Front of the Horse!

As most of you know, we are in process of moving back into the lower level of our home. Along the way, we decided to change some things around colors and a new look in the rooms!

We are changing out my Mom’s bedroom into a vintage shabby look. We’ve been shopping at garage sales and thrift stores, creating this on a budget! We’ve found some unique pieces and some great bargains. Here is another example !

We found this charming dresser mirror at a tag sale a few weeks ago. It was painted white, with hand painted roses along the mirror frame and at the base. Normally we would have left this alone as it would have lent itself to the shabby look. However, the roses were everywhere... and for us, was a little too busy. We decided to sand them off and just go with white.

This piece cost $8. and about 1 hour of sanding and painting.
It’s a unique piece that has added a new look to the dresser.

We found the mirror before we found the dresser. So much fun how this turns out, kind of like putting the cart in front of the horse! Don’t ever be afraid to pick up something that you don’t quite know what to do’ll figure it out as you go along!

Hope this inspires you to keep hunting for all those fun unique pieces that make your home special !

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Latest Finds: Work Table and Rugs !

As we are working on piecing together the shabby vintage room, we’ve also come across some pieces that would lend themselves to the computer / scrapbook room!

Originally Mom had a vintage drafting table to use in this room as a work table. The table had some issues and wasn’t comfortable for her to sit at. She sold the table (at the booth / antique mall ) a couple of weeks ago. ( sold for $75.) She took the money from that sale and is applying it to finding some new pieces for this room.

Recently, our neighbor asked us if we would be interested in taking a look at some of his furniture he was selling. We set up a time to meet him , and walked across the street to see what kind of treasures would await us! There it was.....a work table! Our neighbor used it in his studio as a table to paint his art on. It had some character to it ( which we love! ) , just needed to be sanded down here and there and have a fresh coat of paint !

Mom painted the piece this weekend, and we were able to move it into the room last night. It has been painted black and looks striking against the olive green walls with the black baseboards! Mom also painted the desk riser to match the table. ( She previously had that on her other table - handy for extra storage, or a perch for Mr. Higgens to watch the birds out the window!)

The other recent treasure we found for this room are the rugs. Those were purchased ( late in the morning) last Friday, while out garage sale-ing! They are stunning! Black, cream and soft green background with red and pink roses. The rugs are woven. We purchased them from a dealer that was changing out her booth. Here’s the best part .....we paid $15. for BOTH rugs ,and $15. for the work table!
Mom's scrapbooking room is going to have a whole new look , and the cost is minimal!

The curtains were also a garage sale find( from last year). They are Waverly panels. They have bright red and pink cabbage roses. Looks great with the rugs! ( can’t remember what we paid for them, but probably no more than $5. )

We are still on the hunt for another cupboard style piece to hold her scrapbook embellishments.

I’ll update you on the room as we continue to move into our remodeled lower level of our home.

Thanks for spending some time with me on this journey!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I Love the Unexpected!

One of my favorite things to do when decorating, is to re-purpose .

Door knockers are a perfect example.
Instead of using it for it’s intended purpose, use this as a towel holder!

You can hang one, or create a display using several!

Door knockers can be found at tag sales, thrift stores and antique stores / malls.
They can be spray painted , if needed.

It’s a fun way to use something, in an unexpected way!

( This door knocker is for sale at our booth- Harpeth Antique Mall - booth #11, in Franklin, Tn.)
Click here for more information about Harpeth Antique Mall

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

25 Cents + 50 Cents = A One of a Kind Lamp!

Mom and I are embarking on creating a vintage shabby room , on a budget via garage sale/ thrift store finds!

A couple of weeks ago we found this vintage lamp at a garage sale for 25 cents! Wow!!!!
This past weekend we found this shade for 50 cents!! Wow #2 !!!!!

I’m always amazed at how these things come together. When we purchased the shade, we really hadn’t given the lamp( we had picked up earlier) any thought.
After we returned home from treasure hunting ( garage sale-ing), Mom remembered the lamp and put the two together.

This may or may not end up in the shabby vintage room, as it would lend itself to her decor in her scrapbook/ computer room or living room.
Whichever room it ends up in , it will look great!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

This is why I Love to Shop at Garage Sales!

We are getting closer and closer to completing the shabby vintage bedroom.

This weekend we found several more pieces ( purchased at garage sales! ) that will help complete the room.
I wanted to show you the curtains that were found yesterday.... they are just beautiful!
Here’s the best part...they were 50 cents! Can you believe it? This is why I love to shop at garage sales!
It’s a great way to decorate on a budget, and you will end up with one of a kind unique decor!

Another plus about decorating with gently used items is that if you find something else down the road that you like can switch it out without buyers remorse! Sell the item that you are trading out at your next garage sale, or donate it your favorite thrift store.

Stay tuned...I’ve got more to show you in the upcoming days! You’ll be amazed at what this shabby vintage room will cost to put together.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Adventure in Spring Hill, Tennesse - Part 2

As mentioned yesterday, we ( Mom and I ) went on an adventure to Spring Hill, Tennessee to treasure hunt for a dresser for Mom’s vintage shabby room. We found the dresser at a consignment shop, and just a few doors down is the antique mall .... would be terribly wrong if we didn't check it out!

I love this mall! Every vendor has their own unique style in displaying their latest finds. The prices are fair and the atmosphere makes you want to linger all day long.

You can find everything from vintage clothing to sparkly jewelry. Primitive furniture and yes, shabby vintage!

If you get to Spring Hill, please take some time to stop at the mall. You will enjoy!

Spring Hill Antique Mall

1213 School Street, Spring Hill - (931) 489-0022

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Where The Heck Have We Been?

The Dresser !

The Store!

As we ( Mom and I ) have been spending our weekends shopping for merchandise to sell at the antique booth ( Harpeth Antique Mall ) , eBay and Etsy..we’ve found ourselves gravitating towards the white cream and roses , shabby looking merchandise. It sells well, and so much fun to find!

As most of you know, our downstairs flooded during the Nashville flood in May. We are finally to a point where we can start painting rooms and thinking about putting the house back together, decoratively! For the most part, Mom isn’t changing much in her downstairs colors on the walls, a few more black pieces of furniture in her living room....but the bedroom....well, that is all going to change! Shabby vintage, here we come! ( it rubbed off on us! )

After making the decision to change out that bedroom, we have been hunting for furniture and all the fun accessories . Mostly shopping at garage sales, and through Craigslist. Yes, my Mom has a fetish for both! She loves to wander  through the ads on Craiglist for any unique piece, and finding a bargain is half the fun ! We have purchased many pieces of furniture on Craigslist in the past few years. Always have had a great experience and have met some wonderful people along the way!

So far for Mom’s new room, we were able to find  a wonderful iron headboard  and a flip top desk. We’ve not been able to find a dresser.... until yesterday. Mom found one posted on Craigslist. It was a dresser that was on consignment at a store in Spring Hill , TN ( about 20 minutes outside of  Franklin). Neither one of us were familiar with the store, or knew anyone that had shopped there before! Wow, something new to explore!
So, off we left this late morning to see this dresser that had caught Mom’s eye. We arrived at the store, and found several rooms of furniture, clothing, toys and everything in between...even fabric!

Mom found the dresser tucked in one of the back rooms , she checked it over with care and with a gleam in her eye, “ripped” that ticket off of the dresser to present it to the owner at the front desk! The hunt had ended, at least for the dresser. We have more finds on the list, one of which is a dainty chandelier. Wonder where we will find that, and what kind of a bargain will be had!? Fun fun!!

For those of you that live in this area, please check out Like New Consignment Store. Located at 106 Walnut Street - Spring Hill , Tennessee! She said she has been in business for 10 years! Where the heck have we been? LOL !!!

Stay tuned, I have another fun (antique mall) shop to tell you about in Spring Hill!